Hailing Frequencies Open August 2023

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FanX: The Salt Lake Comic Convention is one of the big events that we look forward to each year. There are a lot of Star Trek guests that will be in attendance for us to see. The Seventh Fleet will have a charity booth on the vendor floor (coordinated by the USS Valkyrie) and the Artemis bridge simulator with Star Trek skins (coordinated by the USS White Buffalo) in one of the gaming rooms. We will need volunteers for both areas. Artemis has training dates coming up on August 19 & 26 and September 2, 9 & 16. Contact your Commanding Officer and let them know that you are interested in helping. Not only is it worth points, but you can see the convention as well. This convention will be held at the Salt Palace on September 21-23.

We’ve been really enjoying Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. The crossover episode with Lower Decks dropped early much to our surprise. Instead of posting spoilers on the Seventh Fleet facebook page, we’ve created a #Spoiler-Zone on the Seventh Fleet discord server. The #Gif-Wars channels has been very popular and we have a new channel dedicated to our pets called #Porthos-Pals. There you can post pictures of your furbabies. Feel free to come join us.

When the call goes out to Star Trek fandom, the fans responds in droves. As most of you may have heard, the future of Star Trek: Prodigy is up in the air right now. If you haven’t watched this show, it may have already been pulled off of Paramount+. You can still get the disks from Amazon by following this link. There has also been a #SaveStarTrekProdigy petition started at Change.org that you can sign at this link. Talk about the show on social media with the hashtag and sign the petition. It has been a great show that has contributed to the Star Trek universe.

Science fiction author Peter David has written several Star Trek novels and comics. We’ve had the opportunity to meet him at FanX: The Salt Lake Comic Convention. Unfortunately he has been experiencing several compounding health issues, which unfortunately have lead to several medical bills. There has been a GoFundMe set up for him and we would like to encourage anyone who can to donate.

Fleet Birthdays and Anniversaries:
August 14 USS Valkyrie anniversary (1997)

Star Trek Birthdays and Anniversaries:
August 2 Angus Imrie (Star Trek: Prodigy)
August 5 Bruce Horak (Star Trek: Strange New Worlds)
August 6 Michelle Yeoh (Star Trek: Discovery)
August 6 Star Trek: Lower Decks (2020)
August 7 Cirroc Lofton (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
August 7 Bret Gray (Star Trek: Prodigy)
August 9 Eric Bana (Star Trek 2009)
August 10 Evan Evagora (Star Trek: Picard)
August 12 Jane Wyatt (Star Trek)
August 13 Dawnn Lewis (Star Trek: Lower Decks)
August 19 Diana Muldaur (Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation)
August 19 Jonathan Frakes (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Lower Decks, Star Trek: Picard)
August 20 John Noble (Star Trek: Prodigy)
August 24 Jennifer Lien (Star Trek: Voyager)
August 24 Melissa Navia (Star Trek: Strange New Worlds)
August 26 Chris Pine (Star Trek 2009, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Star Trek: Beyond)

Other Dates To Note:
August 9 National Book Lovers Day
September 4 Labor Day
September 7 National Buy a Book Day
September 11 Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance
September 18 National Cheeseburger Day
September 19 Talk Like a Pirate Day
September 20 National Voter Registration Day
September 22 Autumn Equinox
September 25 National Comic Book Day

Upcoming Events:
August 3-6 Star Trek: Las Vegas
September 21-23 FanX: The Salt Lake Comic Convention
Feb 28-March 3: SaltCON (Layton)

Hailing Frequencies Open is posted on the 1st of the month at SeventhFleet.org. If you have an entry that you would like to be included in a future HFO, please contact your Commanding Officer. The CO needs to have it submitted to the Admiralty by the 2nd to last day of the month for inclusion.

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