This section of our website is dedicated to introducing you to Starfleet Command’s Seventh Fleet. No doubt curiosity has brought you to our server. Basically, we are a family of Star Trek friends that are fans but not fanatics. In fact a lot of our members prefer the term Trekkers over Trekkies. One of our main goals is to develop new friendships and to help our communities in the spirit of the 24th Century. We are set up in the format of a fleet of starships such as those seen on the various Star Trek series, however we also emphasize that the only real ships are friendships. Our chapters meet in local areas for meetings, activities, community service and just plain fun. Membership is open to all with no regards to gender, race, religion, age or lifestyles. Families usually encompass the majority of our membership. We often hold joint activities with fellow chapters and other organizations. A list of chapters can be found in the Chapters Section of the Seventh Fleet Website.

The Seventh Fleet or its chapters will never charge any dues for membership. This means that if a chapter visits a museum, the crewmember pays their own admission fee, or provides their own equipment for a paintball competition, etc. Paying your own way is one of the fundamentals of the Seventh Fleet. There may be basic items for sale (t-shirts, newsletters, badges, handbooks) however these charges only cover the development cost for these items.


To keep the Star Trek dream alive. That through infinite diversity in infinite combination life is worth while.

To bring together families and make new friends, by having fun with those who share our same interests.

To make our future a better place by improving ourselves and serving our friends, neighbors and community.


“We Do Not Stand Alone” This line came from the Star Trek: Voyager episode Mortal Coil. In times of laughter or times of trouble we will stick together as friends should.  We travel the same road together in our spirit of adventure.