Seventh Fleet Academy Patch

A note from the new Seventh Fleet Academy Commandant, Commodore Marla Trowbridge.

For those wanting to hear more about the Seventh Fleet Academy, here is a little info. We are a work in progress and there is a LOT of work to do. Current plans are to develop a structure and guideline for course submissions. Individuals who submit a course, following those guidelines, will be given an Academy Instructor Pin that will be the Academy logo.

We must develop some guidelines so there is consistency in the school.

Not all courses will count toward rank advancement in the fleet. Courses which count toward rank advancement will be specifically identified and will be courses that will require some development of depth of knowledge in that area. Anatomy and Physiology will be one of those courses and will cover humans, animals and comparative anatomy.

Courses will not replace college courses but will be developed, starting at a basic level and progressing through some fairly detailed information. Courses that work toward rank advancement will require more than a single class. Class will be staged in small units that won’t require tremendous amounts of time and can be done at your convenience. All sections within that area must be completed to gain the knowledge necessary to qualify for one of the required rank advancement tests.

Short courses will also be offered. Some that have come to mind since the banquet include leather working, theater makeup, costuming (with ability to copy patterns) and more. Short courses will NOT apply towards command rank advancements.

A large majority of the major courses will be correspondence but there will be a component toward the end of the course where the student will be required to travel to Trenton or another suitable location to prove knowledge and fulfill the final requirement.

For example, if you are taking the anatomy and physiology sections you will be required to participate in a dissection of a heart and lungs.

One other thing. The Seventh Fleet has been operating for years without membership fees. The academy will also not have membership fees but there may be class fees associated with obtaining supplies for demonstrating knowledge. Fees will not be high and will be stated up front. For example, in the anatomy and physiology section, part of the final components of that course will require that you complete a dissection of a heart and lungs. These organs are readily available at a local packing house but come with a small fee of $2.00 each. Dissection kits will be provided but remain with the school.

In any case, as soon as we have the course guidelines developed we will open a Seventh Fleet Academy

Facebook page that will allow correspondence. Many of the courses will hopefully also be available through the Seventh Fleet webpage.

It is a MAJOR work in progress. Bear with us as we work on developing this resource.

Commodore Marla Trowbridge