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Star Trek Anniversary: Star Trek: First Contact (1996)

“Assimilate this.” Worf, Star Trek: First Contact, Stardate: 50893.5

A fan favorite, Star Trek: First Contact, premiered on this date in 1996. The first movie to feature only the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The new Sovereign Class USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-E is taken by the crew into the past in order to stop the Borg from preventing First Contact between Earth and the Vulcans.

Star Trek Anniversary: Star Trek Generations (1994)

“Well like you always say, if something’s important, you’ll make the time.” Scotty- Star Trek Generations, Stardate: 48650.1

The first Star Trek: The Next Generation movie premiered on this date in 1994. Titled: Star Trek Generations. The first part of the movie gave the fans a showing of Kirk, Scotty and Chekov inspecting the newly launched USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-B.

The second part of the movie had the cast of TNG taking on the El Aurian Dr. Tolian Soran, played by Malcolm McDowell, as he tries to find his way back into the Nexus.

Mars Mission Help

“Next stop, Mars.” Shannon O’Donnel- 11:59, Stardate: 52840

The Utah Chapter of the Mars Society has reached out to the Seventh Fleet with a volunteer opportunity. The Mars Desert Research Station is located in Utah and the Mars Society is looking for support staff to assist with the mission.

Details can be found at this link: /

Meeting/Activity Alert: Multiple Chapters

November 16th is going to be busy for a variety of events and meetings. So lets get started.

Hastur Games (located at 6831 South State Street in Midvale) will be holding it’s annual Toys for Tots drive. This will be a cosplay charity event that needs some Star Trek cosplay. This event will run from 11:00am to 6:00pm.

The USS Delaware will be holding it’s monthly meeting at 2:00pm at the Salt Lake County Complex (2101 South State St., Salt Lake City, UT). This month will be the Feast of the Great Tribble Hunt. Check in with the guards at the North building and the meeting is on the second floor. Contact:

In Logan the USS Rendezvous will be holding their monthly meeting just before the weekly game night. This is usually at 7:00pm. The location changes depending upon which member wishes to host the game. Contact the CO at for details.

Members of the USS Kelly will be hosing a “Kooking with Kelly” event. They will be making Quick Tribble pie from the Kelly Kookbook (published back in the 90’s). This will be held at Seven Starboard (a member’s house) in Murray. This will start at 7:00pm. Contact:

Schedules subject to change.

Rest in Peace Angela Williams (1970-2019)

Angela Williams, the Chief Medical Officer of the USS Valkyrie, passed away today. She was an avid cos-player and loved hanging out with her friends. I remember seeing her playing the science officer engaging the kids at the Seventh Fleet booth at FanX trying to get them involved with science. Using interaction and hands on experiments she showed that Star Trek could be more than just a TV show. She will be missed. A saying that I heard a friend say recently: “May her memory always be a blessing.”

Meeting Alert: Multiple Chapters

Two different Seventh Fleet chapters hold meetings on the first Thursday of every month. And they are both in Idaho.

The USS Essex will be holding a meeting in the Idaho Falls area. For details, please email Captain Roger Taylor at

In the Mini-Cassa area, the USS Valkyrie will be gathering at 1900 17th Street in Heyburn. The meeting will start at 7:00pm. Contact Captain Charles Corr at

Schedules are subject to change.