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Star Trek Anniversary: Discovery (2017)

“We come in peace, that’s why we’re here. Isn’t that the whole idea of Starfleet?” Burnham- The Vulcan Hello, Stardate: 1207.3

Just as Star Trek: The Next Generation broke new ground for first-run syndication and Star Trek: Voyager helped launch a new television network, Star Trek Discovery moved our favorite franchise into the world of streaming. The pilot episode, “The Vulcan Hello”, premiered on this date in 2017. The first episode was shown on CBS with the remaining episodes shown on CBS All Access. The series is still in production with the third season coming soon.

RIP Aron Eisenberg (1969-2019)

“I know I’ve got something to offer.  I just need a chance to prove it.”  Nog- Heart of Stone, Stardate: 48521.5

Roles of Aron Eisenberg.

Starfleet Command’s Seventh Fleet is saddened to learn that Star Trek actor Aron Eisenberg suddenly passed away on Saturday, September 21, 2019. Many of us fondly remember him as the character Nog on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He took a character that seemed relatively minor at the start of the series, and turned him into one of the members of the DS9 family. There are many great moments in DS9 where Aron’s acting sparkled like a diamond. Rest in peace Aron.

Aron was very friendly to the fans at the various conventions. If you would like to help out with his funeral expenses, please visit the go fund me page that was authorized by his widow.

Activity/Meeting Alert: Multiple Chapters

The third Saturday of September (the 21st) is a busy one for several different Seventh Fleet Chapters. So let’s get started.

At 1:00pm the members of the USS Kelly will be meeting at the main entrance of Hogle Zoo (2600 Sunnyside Ave S, Salt Lake City, UT 84108) to see the Elephant exhibit. The Elephant is the new Spirit Guide for the USS Kelly, NCC-73400-B. Cost for admission is $18.95/adults, $16.95/seniors (65+), $14.95/children (3-12) and free for toddlers two and under. Contact:

The USS Delaware will be holding it’s monthly meeting at 2:00pm at the Salt Lake County Complex (2101 South State St., Salt Lake City, UT). Check in with the guards at the North building and the meeting is on the second floor. Contact:

In Logan the USS Rendezvous will be holding their monthly meeting just before the weekly game night. This is usually at 7:00pm. The location changes depending upon which member wishes to host the game. Contact the CO at for details.

More site updates

More work was done on the site today. We removed several old link pages (these were held over from the days when link pages were very popular on websites). Most of the links were out of date and the information on actors, writers, etc. could be found by a simple google search.

Also updated the USS Valkyrie logo and scheduled several upcoming blog posts with information on Star Trek anniversaries and chapter meetings and events. These posts will come at midnight on the date of the events. Check back for information on the fun our chapters will be having.

Work on updating the site will continue over the next week. If you see anything that is badly out of date, please let us know at

fanx 2019 photos

We had a great time at FanX 2019, the Salt Lake Comic Convention last weekend. It always takes a few days to recover. Many thanks to the many fleet members who volunteered or just stopped by the booth to show your support. We were able to raise some funds for the Christa McAuliffe Space Center in Utah County.

Here are just a few of the photos that were taken at the booth with the Borg Alcove. We had visits from a wide variety of fans and guests including Larry Nemecek and John Eaves.

Star Trek anniversary: The original series (1966) and the animated series (1973)

“May the Great Bird of the Galaxy bless your planet.” Sulu- The Man Trap, Stardate: 1513.1

On this date in 1966, the television world was changed forever. Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek was first aired on NBC. The first episode aired was “The Man Trap”. The pilot “Where No Man Has Gone Before” didn’t air until the third week of the show. (September 22nd)

Several years later in 1973 the Animated Star Trek premiered, also on the NBC network. The first episode was “Beyond the Farthest Star”. The Animated Series would later go on to win a Daytime Emmy Award.

Seventh fleet booth at fanx 2019

“Once again, I’m struck by your species’ desire to help others.” Dr. Phlox- Dear Doctor, Date: Unknown

Once again Starfleet Command’s Seventh Fleet will be hosting a charity booth at the FanX (formerly known as the Salt Lake Comic Con) on September 5-7 at the Salt Palace in downtown Salt Lake City. We will be at booth 2409 (as indicated on the map posted above) with the Borg Alcove and Science Station. This year the booth is being organized by the PCU Pulsar and volunteers from the fleet. The selected charity will be the Alpine School District/Christa Mcaullif Space Center. Feel free to stop by and have your picture taken with the alcove. Any donations will be gladly accepted. Thank you to Dan Farr and the many volunteers at FanX for helping us with our charity mission.

Changes to the seventh fleet website

“Change is the essential process of all existence.” Spock- Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, Stardate: 5730.2

Log Entry: Stardate 72090.2, Vice Admiral Carl Stark recording. Just as Starfleet Command’s Seventh Fleet is constantly looking for ways to improve our processes and our organization, we have decided that there should be a change in the website as well. Prior to this, the home page for the fleet website was a constantly updating calendar showing the list of upcoming fleet and chapter events. This calendar can still be found on our Events page. However the main page will be used for news and discussion about the Seventh Fleet and our fandom. One of the reasons for this change is to be inclusive to those fans who do not access our Facebook page or Twitter account.

There will be other changes happening as well as time permits. Some sections of the website may look more like a cobweb site. If you have noticed anything lacking, please let us know and we can try to tackle it. There are also plans to update the chapters section to provide additional information on the interests of the chapter. Another goal is to finally get the massive photo album online for all to enjoy.

Thanks for sticking with us and reading this log entry. I can’t wait to see how we can better utilize this communications tool.