Looking for Star Trek Fun?

If you run a Star Trek club and would like help in having fun with Star Trek fandom, we would like to help. You can read more in our Chapters Section or email for more information.

New Members
Interest Form  A contact form for new recruits interested in joining a Seventh Fleet chapter
New Chapters
Online Form A contact form for existing chapters interested in joining the Seventh Fleet

We are always looking for new friends. If you are in one of the patrol areas of a Seventh Fleet Chapter feel free to come by one of the meetings (See the Chapters section to check for nearby clubs).  As mentioned previously there is no charge to join the Seventh Fleet or a chapter of the Seventh Fleet. We operate on a pay-your-own-way philosophy. Basically if the group attends an activity where there is an admittance fee (such as a movie) each person would buy their own ticket in. To cover standard operating costs the chapters hold fundraisers throughout the year. We usually ask that those under the age of 14 be accompanied by a parent or guardian at activities.

NOTE: Even though we participate in various form of gaming (including RPGs, Computer Gaming, CCGs and others) we are not an online SIM (Simulation) group.

Individual Requirements:

1- Attend two meetings of the local chapter. Most Star Trek fans will attend at least one meeting of a chapter just to see what it is like. Some discover that this is not their cup of Earl Grey tea. Those who wish to continue to have fun with us will return for more encounters. If you are being recruited the recruiter will let you know when and where the meetings are. If you are investigating on your own, feel free to contact the Commanding Officer or Executive Officer of the chapter your interested in. They will inform you of upcoming meetings.

2- Fill out an application. This will provide us with your contact information, introduce you to us and start your records. You can also choose which department you wish to join. Also if you were recruited by someone, this is the opportunity to credit them since they would receive Promotional Merit Points. Some chapters may also have a Character Information Sheet for you to fill out as well for a fictional persona.

3- Meet the Command Staff- The Command Staff usually consists of the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer. This also starts the introduction into the family and so that they can make you feel welcomed at meetings.

4- Receive your Orders- Once the above requirements have been filled, your application is sent to the Seventh Fleet. Upon its return you will be presented with a Certificate of Membership which contains your Service Number, Initial Rank and Department.

If there are any questions about joining, contact the Commanding Officer of the chapter you are interested in or email

Chapter Requirements:

1. The applicant group must be a Star Trek focused club that has been in existence for more than two years. Other interests can be listed but Star Trek must be the primary focus.

2. No membership dues, fees or other money grubbing from prospective crew. The everyone pays their own way attitude. If dues exists, the time in the Chapter Applicant period could be used to phase out such a program.

3. Willing to adapt to the Seventh Fleet rank structure. During the probationary period the transformation could be made.

4. Established and certified Command Structure and personnel. This involves testing and review of existing command grade officers.

5. Ship’s standards, rules and regulations approved by the Seventh Fleet Council.

6. Active membership of the chapter greater than the number of Senior Officers and Command Staff.

7. Use a department type structure for personnel assignments (grouping people with common interests).

8. Willingness to submit to authority of and report to the Commander in Chief of the Seventh Fleet and accept assignments.

9. Willing to receive sponsorship from a member of the Seventh Fleet Council.

10. Approved by unanimous vote of the Seventh Fleet Council.

11. Special dispensation is allowed for special circumstances. Requires approval by the Commander in Chief.

If there are any questions about the New Chapter requirements, feel free to contact us at We realize that not all questions can be answered on the website.