Membership in Starfleet Command’s Seventh Fleet is free. We are here to have fun and to help our communities. This section of the Seventh Fleet Website is dedicated towards explaining the different aspects of membership within our Family of Star Trek Friends. We are more than a fleet or a collection of fans, we see ourselves as a Family. In the spirit of IDIC, membership is open to any race, age, sex, religious preference, disability or lifestyle. Feel free to direct any questions towards the

If you plan to come to our activities, please be prepared to participate in the fun (the primary reason we join a fan club). We just ask that you follow our ground rules while attending our activities.


Chain of Command– How Communication and Problem Solving are handled in the Seventh Fleet.

Code of Conduct– What are the rules and regulations at Seventh Fleet activities?

Downloads– A section of files for you to download.

Lexicon– Interesting slang and terms used within the Seventh Fleet and Star Trek/SF Fandom.

Medals & Commendations– Special ways that members of the Seventh Fleet are recognized.

Member Submissions– Art, writings, videos and reviews from various Seventh Fleet members.

Membership Basics– What departments are commonly available on a chapter?

Promotional Merit Points– What suggestions are available to earn PMPs?

Quotes– A listing of quotes from various Star Trek movies and episodes.

Rank Advancement Guidelines– How do members earn rank within the Seventh Fleet?

Uniforms– Here are the various options for Seventh Fleet Uniforms.