StarTrekTNGDS9PADDLargePropReplicaRBPRP1759BUlg   Glossary, Acronyms and Slang- After 40+ years of Star Trek and other science fiction, a language of Star Trek fandom has developed. Some has come from the military itself, while others can be found on the internet. Some of the terms listed here come from the various Science Fiction shows that we enjoy, and a few come from different experiences that we enjoy at different club activities.

   Another set of terms come from the collecting side of fandom. Here are most of them to help you sort it all out and possibly use them in any stories you may wish to write. This list is incomplete. If you notice a term that should be here then please send that recommendation to Webmaster@SeventhFleet.org

Absorbed- To be Brainwashed (see TOS episode “The Return of the Archons”)

Active Member- A crewmember who regularly attend club meetings or functions. Crewmembers who miss three consecutive monthly ship activities can be placed on the inactive list.

Adm- Abbreviation for the rank of Admiral

Admiral- A Seventh Fleet Officer of high rank, commander of a fleet, equal to a general in the army. Some admirals may be Rear Admirals, Vice Admiral or Fleet Admirals. Current rank insignia used is a gold box with two to four full gold pips located inside. The requirements to reach this rank are set by the CinC of the Seventh Fleet. Abbreviated as Adm.

Affirmative- Military jargon for “yes”; used by the Seventh Fleet.

AGT- Abbreviation for The Next Generation final episode, All Good Things.

Ahead- Nautical term meaning “Go forward,” as in “ahead full speed” or “ahead warp factor one.”

All Hands- A Terran nautical term used within the Seventh Fleet, meaning “all personnel.”

Andor Toast (noun)- Andor toast refers to any foul-tasting or otherwise inedible food. The term is commonly used to refer to standard survival ration concentrates, or the Captain’s cooking.

Armory- A part of ship’s stores or the quartermaster’s supplies used for the storage of phasers and other weapons and associated equipment.

Assistant Department Chief- A crewmember named by the Department Chief to assist in the running and operations of the department.

At Posts- A Terran nautical term still used within the Seventh Fleet, meaning “at duty stations.”

Axanar (adj)- Describes a singular waste of time and effort. The term is of Klingon origin.

B&B- Berman and Braga.  Producers for Star Trek Voyager and Enterprise.

Banned from Argo- A song, or filk, written by Leslie Fish and a group of friends. It describes in detail the adventures of crew of the original Enterprise on shore leave. It has a catchy tune and a raucous chorus, and it’s the first filk song most neofans learn. A second version for the Next Generation was also released.

Battle Stations- Nautical term still used in the Seventh Fleet: All hands to report to specified areas during battle, to man that station during the emergency. The ship will go to Red Alert status when Battle Stations is called.

Beam me up Scotty- The phrase uttered by Captain Kirk whenever he wanted to leave an unpleasant or dangerous situation. It has become a catch phrase, uttered in tones of desperation or exasperation, when things get out of hand. It appears on t-shirts and buttons, often with the addendum “There’s no intelligent life here.”

Belay That- Nautical term: “Stop, don’t do that,” “Hold that order until further notice, but don’t act on it.” Still used in the Seventh Fleet.

Blooper Reel- A private film, made as a joke for the cast and crew of a TV series or a particular film. Made up of outtakes, those inevitable missed lines, missteps, and mistakes that happen on the best-regulated of sets. Occasionally the blooper reel finds its way out of the private screening room and becomes part of the con film program. The Star Trek blooper reel has been pirated so often that it has become a standard item, for sale at cons.

BoBW- Acronym for The Next Generation episode The Best of Both Worlds.

BOF- Acronym for the phrase Birds of a Feather (…stick together)

BOP- Acronym for Bird of Prey (As in the Romulan or Klingon ship)

Brig- Old nautical term, meaning the jail on board a ship; still in use for starships.

By Your Leave- Nautical term for “With your permission.”

C1- Abbreviation for the rank of Crewman 1st Class.

C2- Abbreviation for the rank of Crewman 2nd Class.

C3- Abbreviation for the rank of Crewman 3rd Class.

Canon- Refers to the subject matter that can be deemed true though its being shown in a TV episode or a movie. This is a way of saying that if it wasn’t seen on the show it didn’t really happen in the Star Trek Universe, like books, comics, games, etc.

Canonical- Expressing or showing the attribute of canon. Usually applied to describe various sourcebooks and other publications.

Capt- Acronym for the rank and/or the position of Captain.

Captain- Rank in Seventh Fleet above Commander. Usually the commanding officer of a starship. Current rank insignia currently used is four full gold pips on the right collar. The requirements to reach this rank are set by the CinC of the Seventh Fleet. Abbreviated as Capt.

Carry On- Military term for “Keep on doing what ever you were doing before I interrupted you.” basically.

Chapter- Usually the local group that meets on a monthly basis in a geographical area. Normally formed as a Starship or Station.

CinC- Abbreviation for the position Commander in Chief.

Cmdr- Abbreviation for the rank of Commander.

CMO- Acronym for Chief Medical Officer.

CO- Abbreviation for the position of Commanding Officer.

Comm- Abbreviation for the rank of Commodore.

Comm- Abbreviation for department of Communications.

Commodore- A rarely given Starfleet Command rank just above the captain grades. Current rank insignia used is a gold box with one full gold pip located inside. The requirements to reach this rank are set by the CinC of the Seventh Fleet. Abbreviated as Comm.

Command Grade Officers- Officers of rank Lt. Commander and higher who are directly in the chain of command on a chapter.

Command Staff- The department that overseas the running of the ship (chapter). They include the Commanding Officer, Executive Officer and, if present, a Second Officer and/or Strategic Operations Officer. Sometimes known as the Command Department.

Commander- A Seventh Fleet Officer holding the rank below the rank of captain. Current rank insignia is three full pips on the right collar. The requirements to reach this rank are set by the fleet and listed in the Ranks Section. Abbreviated as Cmdr.

Commander in Chief- The person who is in command of the entire fleet. The Commanding Officer of the Fleet. Currently the position is held by Admiral Dennis Hollinger. Abbreviated as CinC.

Commanding Officer- A position onboard a Starship or Station. This is the officer who is in charge of the vessel (chapter). Abbreviated as CO.

Commendation- A recommendation for praise, promotion, and possible decoration. A ship’s Captain usually makes commendations for actions above and beyond the call of duty. Department Chiefs can submit recommendations for commendations to the Command Staff.

Con- A convention for Star Trek or Science Fiction/Fantasy fans. Star Trek cons can be produced by local organizations or national companies. Science Fiction/Fantasy cons are usually run by local volunteers and cover a wide variety of subjects.

Conn- Abbreviation for the department of Conn (Flight Control)

Coverless- A collectors classification. Almost worthless published collectible. The cover alone can be worth more than the text.

Crash and Burn (expr.)- To fail an examination.

Crewman 1st Class- An enlisted Seventh Fleet rank above C2. No insignia is used. This is the highest enlisted rank available. The requirements to reach this rank are set by the fleet and listed in the Ranks Section. Also known as Acting Ensign. Abbreviated as C1.

Crewman 2nd Class- The Seventh Fleet rank given to new crewmembers who are of ages 14 and over. No insignia is used. The requirements to reach this rank are set by the fleet and listed in the Ranks Section. Abbreviated as C2.

Crewman 3rd Class- The Seventh Fleet rank given to joining members who are under the age of 13 years or younger. No rank insignia is used for this rank. The requirements to reach this rank are set by the fleet and listed in the Ranks Section. Abbreviated as C3.

DC (noun)- Short for Damage Control. To be engaged in DC operations refers to a crewman’s attempts to cover up a blatant error before a Senior Officer detects it. Normally DC is used to repair damage that a ship has taken.

Department- A section on the chapter that performs special duties or holds common interests. Becoming a member of a department gives you a Department Chief to assist you with rank advancement, duties and any issues that may come up. The different departments include: Command, Communications, Conn (Flight Control), Engineering, Medical, Operations, Personnel (sometimes called Records), Security, Science and Tactical. Abbreviated as Dept.

Department Chief- The Commanding Officer of a department within the chapter. This position is appointed by the Command Staff. Also known as the Department Head. Department Chiefs can name an Assistant Department Chief to help them with the department.

Diode Failure (expr.)- Mental exhaustion from work or study.

Dismissed- A Starfleet expression for ‘Get out’.

DS9- Abbreviation for the TV series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (92-99).

Dunsel (noun)- A piece of equipment for which there is no logical purpose. (See TOS episode “The Ultimate Computer”)

Duty Roster- Military term meaning a list of duties and who is assigned to each, at what times, and where, plus who the replacement is if the person next up on the duty roster is unable to report to work.

Eng- Abbreviation for the department of Engineering.

Ens- Abbreviation for the rank of Ensign.

Ensign- The lowest rank of the officer grades used in the Seventh Fleet. This is the lowest officer rank required to hold a Department Head or Assistant Department Head position. Current rank insignia used is one full gold pip on the right collar. The requirements to reach this rank are set by the fleet and listed in the Ranks Section. Abbreviated as Ens.

Ent- Abbreviation for the Star Trek series, Enterprise. (01-05)

Executive Officer- A position that is the second-in-command on a starship (chapter). This position is appointed by the Commanding Officer. Also called Execs (See “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”) Abbreviated as XO.

FAdm- Abbreviation for the rank of Fleet Admiral.

Fair- A collectors classification. Package or collectible is soiled or has multiple wrinkles and tears. May not have original packaging. A heavily-read copy of a book, magazine, etc.

Fancy Heater (slang)- A phaser (See TOS episode “A Piece of the Action”)

Fan- Someone who is involved in organized fandom, other than reading/watching Star Trek or SF. They participate and interact with other people of similar interests at activities, meetings, conventions, parties, etc. A Star Trek fan would have an acquaintance with the technology, history, jargon and customs seen on the series. Also see Neofan.

Fandom- The Science Fiction hobby or subculture. For Star Trek and other books and shows this can include discussions, writing, attending/running conventions, gaming, costuming, collecting, meetings and more.

Fanzines- Self-published manuscripts by Star Trek fan clubs and fan enthusiasts, which feature fiction and nonfiction themes. They also include original fan artwork and are a complete literary genre of their own, comprising an elaborate media network of collectors. Also called Zines.

FAQL- Acronym for Frequently Asked Questions List. Sometimes it is shortened to FAQ.

FC- Abbreviation for the movie Star Trek First Contact (11-26-1996)

FCapt- Abbreviation for the rank of Fleet Captain.

Fen- Plural of fan.

FIAWOL- Acronym for Fandom Is A Way Of Life.

Filk- Science Fiction Folk Songs sung by fans at conventions.

Fine- A collectors classification. Stress lines may appear around sealed edges or along staples, spines, and glue points. There may be minor flaking and discoloration.

Fire Photons (expr.)- To encounter digestive trouble while engaging in zero-gravity exercises (or long road trips).

First Officer- The second-in-command on a starship (chapter) The term dates back to old Earth sailing-vessel days. Also known as Executive Officers. See also Number One. Abbreviated as XO.

Fleet Captain- A Seventh Fleet rank above Captain. Usually given to a Captain who is in charge of a fleet or sector. Current rank insignia currently used is four full gold pips on the right collar. The requirements to reach this rank are set by the CinC of the Seventh Fleet. Abbreviated as FCapt.

Foolie- A word used by the three-hundred-year-old children, meaning a game or joke. (see TOS episode “Miri”)

Frak– The primary expletive used in the original and new Battlestar Galactica.  A very versatile word.

Frequently Asked Questions List- A list of common questions about a certain subject and their answers.

FSNP- “Famous Spock Nerve Pinch” – acronym used in the TOS scripts.

FTL- Abbreviation for Faster Than Light. (Warp speed)

GAL- Abbreviation for Get a Life.

GBOTG- Abbreviation for Great Bird of the Galaxy, a nickname for Gene Roddenberry after it was used as a blessing in the TOS episode “The Man Trap”.  Sometimes shortened to TGB (The Great Bird)

Gen- Abbreviation for the movie Star Trek Generations (11-18-1994)

Gentelbeings- A form of address when talking to a collection of humans, aliens, and entities who are vastly dissimilar. (see TAS episode “Mudd’s Passion”)

GOH- Abbreviation for Guest of Honor.  At most Star Trek conventions the GOH are actors from the show.

Good- A collectors classification. An average used copy or tampered-with piece of merchandise. Has minor creases or tears.With published wares, the spine may be rolled.

GR- Abbreviation for Gene Roddenberry.

Grok- A total understanding of one person by another, without the necessity for verbalization. Coined by Robert Heinline in his book “Stranger in a Strange Land” published in 1961; taken into the language by the Counterculture, for whom the book became a kind of icon. Young people tend to be tongue-tied in the presence of others; to grok would do away with the necessity to use words. A popular button for the early Trekkers said “I Grok Spock.”

Guest of Honor- The main guest at a con. At Star Trek conventions the GOH is usually an actor from one of the various Star Trek series.

He’s dead, Jim- Statement uttered many times by the character Dr. McCoy, in various episodes and with various degrees of intensity and shock. It has become a catch-phrase, uttered in tones of deepest despair, indicating the total ruin of whatever is in question.

Herbert (slang)- Anyone who shows a rigid authority; derived from the name of a twentieth-century minor official notorious for his limited pattern of thought. Now a derisive term. (See TOS episode “The Way to Eden”)

IDIC- Abbreviation for Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination. (See TOS episode “Is there in Truth no Beauty”)

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination- A cornerstone of the Vulcan philosophy. Basically a celebration of differences between cultures and people.

Kirk (verb)- To solve a problem by unconventional means, a talent for which Star Fleet Admiral James Tiberius Kirk was famous. (See movie “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn”)

KISS- Acronym for the phrase Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Klingonist- Someone who studies and uses the Klingon Language, which has become quite popular.

Kobo (noun)- An individual who is undergoing an examination or test without being aware of the nature of the problem. The term is derived from the “Kobayashi Maru.” (See movie “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn”)

Kroykah- A Vulcan term, the extreme form of “Cease and desist.” Used only in emergency situations by one with ultimate authority, and never ignored. (See TOS episode “Amok Time”)

Lay By- Nautical term still used in the Seventh Fleet. Meaning; to bring one ship alongside another and stop.

LCARS- Library Computer Access and Retrieval System – user interface of the 24th century computer systems.

LCDR- Abbreviation for the rank of Lt. Commander See also Lt. Comm.

Let the Wookiee win- A phrased used to suggest to someone to not try as hard to win a contest; to surrender. (See movie “Star Wars: A New Hope”)

Lieutenant- The highest rank in the lieutenant grades for the Seventh Fleet. Current rank insignia used is two full gold pips on the right collar. The requirements to reach this rank are set by the fleet and listed in the Ranks Section. Abbreviated as Lt.

Lieutenant Commander- A Seventh Fleet rank below Commander. Current rank insignia used is two full gold pips and a hollow gold pip on the right collar. The requirements to reach this rank are set by the fleet and listed in the Ranks Section. Can be referred to as Commanders. Abbreviated as Lt. Comm or LCDR.

Lieutenant (Junior Grade)- A rank used in the Seventh Fleet just above Ensign. Current rank insignia used is a full gold pip and a hollow gold pip on the right collar. The requirements to reach this rank are set by the fleet and listed in the Ranks Section. Can be referred to as Lieutenant. Abbreviated as Lt. (j.g.).

Live Long and Prosper- A greeting used by Vulcans, usually accompanied by a the Vulcan hand gesture with the thumb extended, the index and middle fingers together, and the ring and pinkie together (copied from the ancient Hebrew ritual blessing position that in turn is suppose to imitate the Hebrew letter Shin, which stands for the name of God). First used by D.C. Fontana in a script for the TOS Episode “Amok Time”. It is now used as a generalized greeting and farewell between Star Trek fans.

LL&P- Abbreviation for the phrase Live Long and Prosper.

LOL- Abbreviation for the phrase Laugh Out Loud.

Lt- Abbreviation for the rank of Lieutenant.

Lt (j.g.)- Abbreviation for the rank of Lieutenant (junior grade).

Lt. Comm- Abbreviation for the rank of Lieutenant Commander See also LCDR.

MACO- Military Assault Command Operations.  The military division seen on Star Trek Enterprise.

Med- Abbreviation for the department of Medical.

Mint- A collectors classification. In new or newsstand condition. Any defects are attributable to a cutting, folding or stapling process.

Mundane- Someone who is not a Star Trek or SF fan. Also can be used to describe non-fandom event like a mundane job.

NCC- Abbreviation for Naval Construction Contract.

Near Mint- A collectors classification. Almost perfect. There may be some discoloration. Published materials have a tight spine with clean pages.

Nem- Abbreviation for the movie Star Trek Nemesis. (12-13-2002)

Neofan- Often abbreviated to Neo; someone new to SF and Star Trek Fandom.

No Blasters, No Blasters- A phrase used to calm two individuals or groups at odds. (See movie “Star Wars: A New Hope”)

Non-Cannon- Refers to subject matter that has not been shown in a TV episode or movie but rather in a book, comic or other such form of Trekdom. Non-canon subjects are not necessarily considered by everyone to be part of the Star Trek Universe, as canon material would be.

Number One- A common nickname given by a captain to their second-in-command.

NX- Abbreviation for Naval eXperimental.  Used to denote prototype starships.

On The Double- Military term for getting somewhere twice as fast as usual; couched as an order from a superior, usually.

Ops- Abbreviation for the department of Operations.

Orion (noun)- An underhanded and deceitful action; to carry out such an action for personal gain.

PADD- Personal Access Display Device – hand-held access terminal to a computer system.  They were called “hall passes” on the set since background extras would be seen carrying them.

Panel- More or less organized discussions scheduled at a convention, with a group of “experts” who are suppose to expound before an audience on a subject on which they are all familiar with. Usually held in small rooms at the convention so that there can be an interchange of ideas between the panelists and the audience.

PMP- Acronym for Promotional Merit Points.  A term used with the Seventh Fleet rank advancement system.

Poor- A collectors classification. A damaged piece of merchandise. Soiled and technically unsuitable for collector purposes.

Power Down (verb)- To relax off duty, usually in the company of crewmembers and comrades.

PPC- Abbreviation for the Paramount Pictures Corporation.

Pristine Mint- A collectors classification. Designates a non-circulated item. Surfaces are flawless. Any pages are white and crisp.

Prozine- Professional-quality periodicals originating from fan factions. These are slick publications dealing with Trek interests and may be issued monthly, quarterly, or biannually. The word prozine originates from professional-style formats with a fanzine background.

RAdm- Abbreviation for the rank of Rear Admiral.

Rec- Abbreviation for the rank of Recruit.

Recruit- The lowest rank available in the current system. Given to new members who have not completed their membership application requirements. No rank insignia is used for this rank. Abbreviated as Rec.

Red-Shirted (adj.)- A junior officer who has been caught in a grievous error and is now being called to account for his actions. The term comes from the early red-uniformed Security Branch of Starfleet, and arm noted for its high casualty rate. To be red-shirted is to be transferred to a branch of service with a high mortality rate.

Ridgehead (adj.)- A derogatory term that refers to Klingons, in general, and Imperial Klingons, in particular.

Ridge Out (verb)- To be consumed by a violent rage and to lose all emotional control. The term refers to the cranial ridge of Imperial Klingons and to the traditional Klingon tendency towards violent temperament.

RL- Abbreviation for Real Life.

RSE- Romulan Star Empire.

SASE- Acronym for Self Addressed Stamped Envelope.

Sci- Abbreviation for the department of Science.

Sec- Abbreviation for the department of Security.

SECLAR- SEcurity CLeArance Rating.  A ten point scale (from 0 to 9) used to rank the degree of secrecy of a given document or piece of information.  The higher the SECLAR, the more secret the object is rated.

Senior Staff- The staff of Department Heads that run the different departments of the ship. They include the Chief of Communications, Chief of Conn, Chief of Engineering, Chief of Medical, Chief of Operations, Chief of Science, Chief of Security, and Chief of Tactical. The Executive Officer is the Department Head of the Senior Staff.

Sensors Locked (expr.)- A term used by crewmembers to describe that they have noted a member of the opposite sex coming suddenly into view.

SF- The preferred abbreviation for Science Fiction. Most fans prefer this over the term Sci-Fi.

SIG- Acronym for Special Interest Group.

Shiny- (slang) Neat, very cool, wonderful, etc. (see Firefly and Serenity).

Smeg Head- A term of disrespect. A term used to describe a not so pleasant person. (See British TV series Red Dwarf)

Special Interest Group- A club or organization that is dedicated towards one subject. The Seventh Fleet is a SIG of Star Trek.

Spider Under the Table- A Bajoran phrase describing the wishful thinking of being able to listen to a conversation without the participants being aware of your presence. Just like the human phrase Fly on the Wall. (See TNG episode “Lower Decks”)

ST- Abbreviation for the different TV and movie series Star Trek.

Star Trekkers- The name given to Star Trek fans during the 1966-1969. It identified about 20 million fans.

Tact- Abbreviation for the department of Tactical.

Tandy (adj.)- Emotionally disturbed or insane. The word is a corruption of the name Tantalus. (See TOS Episode “Dagger of the Mind”)

TAS- Abbreviation for the TV series Star Trek: The Animated Series (73-74)

TFF- Abbreviation for the movie Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (06-09-1989)

TMP- Abbreviation for the movie Star Trek: The Motion Picture (12-07-1979)

TNG- Abbreviation for the TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation (87-94)

Tool Up (verb)- To study or prepare intensively for an exercise.

TOS- Abbreviation for the TV series Star Trek: The Original Series (66-69)

TOS-R- Abbreviation for the Remastered (original) Star Trek episodes.  (06-09)

TPTB- Abbreviation for The Powers That Be (Paramount Pictures)

Trekker- Trekkers are generally acknowledged as the workers and doers of Star Trek fandom. They organize, promote, and supervise most conventions and clubs. They also feed information and literature to a hungry fandom with private and commercial Trek-related materials. Trekkers may also be persons loyal to the original series since its airing in 1966.

Trekkie- This term appeared in 1971 in several professional magazines. The term encompassed Star Trek fandom as one united group. It was derived from the term “groupie” as a few teen tabloids had referred to Trek fans as Star Trek groupies. The word can also trace its origins directly to the greatly successful Star Trek Con of 1972. The pseudonym appeared in simultaneously with convention coverage in the TV Guide. A Trekkie was a fan who haunted conventions all over the country.

Trekkist- This is a rare term which applies to a person who may follow the show syndicated Trek on occasion or attend a few conventions, but who isn’t actively involved in collecting memorabilia or in the fan movement.

Treknologist- A fan of Star Trek who follows and studies the technology seen the Star Trek series. It is a play off of the word Technologist.

Trekster- This term has been created from the Star Trek of the movies. A Trekster is a fan from the 1980s who enjoys Trek in the theater and returns to see the movies over and over again.

Tribble (noun)- Anyone with a weight problem.

TSFS- Abbreviation for the movie Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (06-01-1984)

TUC- Abbreviation for the movie Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (12-06-1991)

TVH- Abbreviation for the movie Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (11-26-1986)

TWOK- Abbreviation for the movie Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn (06-04-1982)

UFP- Abbreviation for United Federation of Planets.

USS- Abbreviation for United Space Ship or United Star Ship.

VAdm- Abbreviation for the rank of Vice Admiral.

Very Fine- A collectors classification. Slight wear signs and some creases. Otherwise very clean merchandise.

Very Good- A collectors classification. Staples present may be loose, but there are no tears. Written materials may have browning pages and cover gloss may be absent.

VISOR- Visual Instrument and Sensory Organ Replacement – a device used by Lt. Commander Geordi LaForge until 2373 to overcome his blindness.

VOY- Abbreviation for the TV series Star Trek: Voyager (95-01)

Vulcanized (adj.)- Something that has been more complex or intricate than necessary.

Warp Off (verb)- To leave as quickly as possible.

XI- Star Trek (the eleventh movie) by JJ Abrams.  (5-07-2009)

XO- Abbreviation for the position of Executive Officer.

YATI- Acronym for Yet Another Trek Inconsistency.