Away Teams



   Away teams are special events organized by interests. They can cover a wide variety of subjects and are used to help improve ourselves and our community by getting out and doing things (boldly going where we haven’t been before). These events can be a one time event or set up to run on a regular schedule. On Star Trek an away team was made up of different individuals from different departments or ships. Thus, anyone may join an Away Team on a mission (including non-Fleet civilian specialists).

   Away Team Missions are listed on the main homepage under the Seventh Fleet Events calendar.


   Note: Different members may organize an away team, the contact for the team will have the latest details on an away mission.

Astronomy: The study of the stars. Different away missions will be arranged for stargazing and planetarium visits. Contact: Position Currently Open

Genealogy: Celebrate your ancestors by researching history.  Trips to the Family History Library are planned.  Contact Crewman Melissa Andrews (USS Kelly)

Geology: Rock collecting. Various rockhounds will travel to different locations to add to their collections. Contact: Commodore Richard Henline (USS Kelly)

Movies: Viewing a new movie at a different theater up and down the Wasatch Front.  Special trips include drive-in visits, midnight release parties, IMAX viewings and laser shows.  Contact: Position Currently Open

Second Life: Do you want to participate in this virtual reality world with other Seventh Fleet members?  The Seventh Fleet is exploring this strange new world.  Contact: Lt. Commander Aaron Stevens (SS White Buffalo)

Star Trek Online: We are now exploring this new universe as an Away Team for Seventh Fleet members.  If you have characters in this exiting new game, please let us know here.  Contact: Position Currently Open

Swimming: Aquatic studies at various pools and parks up and down the Wasatch Front. Contact: Position Currently Open

Trains: Set up for enthusiasts of trains and the model train hobby. Visits to train shows plus help with modeling will be the focus of this group. Contact: Lieutenant Michael McCreight (USS Ursa Major)

Writing: A writing group that will gather on a regular basis to help other writers with various stories (Star Trek or original works) in development. Eventual goal is to develop a Seventh Fleet fanzine. Contact: Lieutenant Erica Stark (USS Ticonderoga)

Future away teams in development include Food Storage, Shooting, Paintball and Cooking.


   Submit a proposal to your Commanding Office. Include the goals that the away team wishes to accomplish. Once the Commanding Officer has approved it he/she will work with you to get the word out to the other chapters. Plan a mission for the Away Team and let the webmaster know so the details can be placed on the Seventh Fleet events calendar.


Eventually we would like the various Away Teams to submit reports to chapter newsletters and present demonstrations at chapter meetings.

If you have any questions, please email