Twenty Fifth Anniversary Bingo

Friend of the Fleet, Larry Nemecek congratulates members of the Seventh Fleet for reaching 25 years as a Star Trek fan club.

We are celebrating the 25th anniversary of Starfleet Command’s Seventh Fleet by playing 25th Anniversary Bingo. This is based off of Enterprise Bingo as seen on the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds episode “Spock Amok“. This is a series of challenges that are Star Trek or Seventh Fleet related. If you complete the challenge, you can mark it off of your list. If you complete five of the items, you get a BINGO. If you complete all 12 challenges, you can get a BLACKOUT.

We will be running the bingo for the entire year. But don’t dawdle, this game will end on December 31, 2023. Some events can be done at the same time and combined with friends.

To get credit for your Bingo entries, you must do one of three things. They all involve taking a photo with a camera (Most people have a cell phone camera. If you don’t, ask to have someone take the photo for you on theirs).

  • Take a photo of you doing the event and show it to your Commanding Officer (note: some CO’s have authorized their XO or 2nd Officer to help out with this).
  • Send the photo to the email address of which will go to Admiral Stark.
  • Post the photo on social media with the hashtags #7thFleet25 and #WeDoNotStandAlone and tag the Seventh Fleet.

The Seventh Fleet social media presence can be found at the following locations:

Note: Admiral Stark is also on Mastodon and MeWe, but there is no official Seventh Fleet presence on these platforms. If you have posted on a social media site not listed here, send a screenshot to the Bingo@ email address listed above.

The challenges are as follows:

45th Rule of Acquisition

This rule of acquisition is “Expand or Die!” as seen in multiple Star Trek episodes. The challenge is to recruit a new member to ANY Seventh Fleet chapter. To get credit for this challenge, take a photo with the new recruit at meetings, receiving their orders or meeting their new commanding officers.


This is the game that was introduced by the Wadi to the crew of Deep Space Nine in the episode “Move Along Home“. The challenge is to play a licensed Star Trek game. This can be anything that you desire such as computer games, console games, mobile games, board games, roleplaying games, card games, etc. This could be done at a group activity with other challenges in play as well. The only non-licensed Star Trek game that is being allowed is if you participate in the Artemis bridge simulator being put on by the USS White Buffalo at SaltCon in March (and possibly FanX in September). To get credit for this, take a photo of you playing the game.

Best Served Cold

“Revenge is a dish best served cold” is a line quoted by Khan in the movie Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Ice cream is also best served cold. A long-standing tradition in the Fleet has been the Haagen-Dazs challenge. One fleet member would bet another member that they would reach some goal (based in or out of the fleet) for example: “I’d bet you a Haagen-Dazs ice cream bar that I’ll make the rank of Lieutenant before you will.” This is a challenge that is on a personal level. Note that you do not have to win the challenge to get credit, just participate in. To get credit, take a photo of you giving or receiving your ice cream prize.

Directive 927

A line quoted by the fake Janeway in the Star Trek: Voyager episode Live Fast and Prosper is “Directive 927, always help those in need.” The challenge is to participate in a Fleet or Chapter sanctioned charity event. If you have an idea for an event that will forward our community service goals, please get them to your commanding officer. To get credit for this, take a photo of you at the charity event. Note: If photos are not allowed at the charity event, an email from the CO can be used as a substitute.

Do You Trust Me?

This was a line stated by Gillian Taylor just before she ordered a pizza in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. This pizza had mushrooms, pepperoni and extra onions. No, you don’t have to drink the beverage they consumed. The challenge is to eat a slice of Gillian’s favorite pizza. This could be doubled up with one of the other challenges (such as Allamaraine) To get credit for this, take a photo of you and the pizza. We will trust that you ate a bite.

Ex Astris Scientia

This is the motto of Starfleet Academy. We also have an academy with our organization called the Seventh Fleet Academy. This is headed up by Commodore Marla Trowbridge who can be reached at The challenge is to take or teach a Seventh Fleet Academy course. If you reach out to Commodore Trowbridge and let her know of a subject you are interested in, she will then put together a simple course for you to take on that subject. If you have an idea for an academy course (it can be real life or Star Trek) contact Commodore Trowbridge and she can coordinate with you. To get credit for this, take a photo of you giving or taking a course.


This stands for the Galactic Cultural Exchange Project as seen in the Star Trek episode “The Conscience of the King“. The challenge is to attend an activity or meeting of a club or chapter outside of your primary group. This can be another Seventh Fleet chapter or a non-Star Trek club. You can get credit for this if two chapters have a joint activity together (such as to eat pizza and play Star Trek games). Note: SaltCon, FanX and Fleet Day would not count as a joint activity. To get credit for this, take a photo of you at the meeting or activity.

Quark 2000

The Quark 2000 was an advance replicator personally programmed by Quark in the Star Trek: Lower Decks episode “Hear All, Trust Nothing“. The challenge is to make a dish from the Kelly Kookbook (available in a PDF copy if you reach out to Admiral Stark) or from any Star Trek cook book. These do not have to be licensed books. The dishes could be served at a joint activity, in conjunction with another challenge or just something you served to your family. To get credit for this, take a photo of you with your dish.

The Scortch

In Enterprise Bingo, the scortch was the oldest unreplaced piece of hull plating on the USS Enterprise. One of the Enterprise Bingo challenges was to sign the scortch with your name. We have a new 25th anniversary banner that will be made available at Fleet events, other events and conventions (such as SaltCon and FanX). This will be our “scortch”. The challenge is to sign the banner with your name, rank and chapter. To get credit for this, take a photo of you signing (or just signed) the banner. Here is what the banner looks like without text.

The Sky’s The Limit

This is the last line spoken in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “All Good Things“. We have often seen crews on the shows playing a poker game. The challenge is to participate in a poker game with friends. This could be done at a join activity, with food from a cookbook or a pizza, etc. To get credit for this, take a photo of you playing poker.

Universal Translator

The crews on various Star Trek shows used the universal translators to understand various languages spoken. One of the original challenges in Enterprise Bingo was to set the translator to the Andorian language. The challenge is to watch a Star Trek movie or episode using the foreign language track. This is anything other than English. But you can keep the English subtitles on. This could be shown at a group activity, with another group, with food and games, etc. To get credit for this, take a photo of you watching the movie or episode.

You Never Brought Me Tea

This line was stated by Captain Janeway when she discovered that Tuvok brought Captain Sulu tea in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Flashback“. We are using this as an opportunity to teach about the creation of ADVOTs/Merit Sheets. These are special sheets that are designed and authorized by your commanding officer to assist with rank advancements within your chapter. While most of them are trivia (Knowledge) based, they do not have to be. They can cover any of the other Promotional Merit Point categories such as Participation, Service or Leadership. If they have questions on them, they must have a minimum of 10 questions, but don’t have more than 25. The challenge is to create a Merit Sheet/ADVOT with an answer sheet and submit it to your Captain. To get credit for this, take a photo of you holding your submission. Additional: Samples of current Merit Sheets can be found on the USS Kelly and USS Ticonderoga websites if you are looking for ideas.

Summary: This is for fun. The challenge will end on December 31st and you can get a BINGO (for completing five events) or BLACKOUT (for completing all events). Send your photos to or show them to your CO or on social media with the hashtags #7thFleet25 and #WeDoNotStandAlone