Salt Lake Comic Con 2015 Photos

This year for Salt Lake Comic Con we will be raising funds for the Cache County Children’s Justice Center.  We will be in booth 3301.  Shuttle Fairbanks (from the USS Rendezvous) will be making a triumphant return to the convention after getting some upgrades (come and see) and we will also have the new Action Figure Box 2.0.  The previous action figure box had been in use for 13 years by the USS Ticonderoga and they have revamped it into a new version.

For more information on the Cache County Children’s Justice Center visit their website at

The Shuttle Fairbanks

The Shuttle Fairbanks

If you want to see the video that the Shuttle Fairbanks was used in, follow this link:

We thank you for helping with our community service projects.  The reason you see more of our efforts than of our costumes is because we are a multi-purpose group with a wide variety of interests.  We have a lot of “elbow-grease” projects instead of trying to get ourselves in front of the camera.  We see Star Trek fandom as an excuse for fans to come together with a common interest and work towards improving ourselves, our friends and our community.  And we want to have fun while serving our community.

Live long and prosper.

Photos should be posted a few days after the end of the convention. (ALL PHOTOS NOW UPLOADED)




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