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Beware the Space Monkeys

Captain Roger Taylor of the USS Essex submitted this article (plus a few cartoons) for a blog post. The primary portion of the article is a creature/obstacle for the Star Trek Adventures role playing game by Modiphius.

And just to add to the silliness, here is two cartoons about Space Monkeys.

The Seventh Fleet blog is accepting submissions (please keep it family friendly) by any fleet member. If you have an article, cartoon, puzzle, photos or anything in particular, send it to Webmaster@SeventhFleet.org and perhaps you’ll see your works posted here.

Hmm… I wonder where all the bananas went?

Flashback: Hansen Planetarium Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice Event

Here is another flashback article from a previous event. The Hansen Planetarium was the primary planetarium in Utah during the 1990’s. They held a cosplay event for a Summer Solstice one year that gave several USS Kelly members a chance to show off their Star Trek cosplay.

We are not certain what year this article was published or which newspaper it was. It could have been somewhere between 1993-1995. The photo itself shows at least three Kelly members. The Klingon officer is wearing a Kelly combadge with the ranks represented on the badge itself. This article was either in the Salt Lake Tribune or the Deseret News.

Articles from members of the fleet- Oslo Class

Last August we posted an article from Admiral Hollinger detailing the Khitomer-Class Alliance Battlecruiser detailing a playable ship from Star Trek Online. Admiral Hollinger just submitted another article for the blog, the Oslo-Class Heavy Escort.

If you have an article, artwork, puzzle, filk lyrics, poetry, video, model, cosplay or prop photos that you would like to have displayed on the Seventh Fleet Blog or your chapter’s newsletter or blog, submit it to your commanding officer. We are sure you will get a big thank you.

Oslo-Class Starship page 1
Oslo-Class Starship page 2
Oslo-Class Starship page 3

Fandom Creativity and You

Image of fleet creativity examples
A small example of the creativity produced by members of the Seventh Fleet.

At the official StarTrek.com website there is a very good article by Cindy Massre titled “Before Home Video, Science-Fiction Fans Worked Harder to Keep Fandom Alive” Before you read this blog post any further, take a moment to read that article. We will wait for you.

Back? Great. Admiral Stark was very impressed with this article as it aligns with some of the goals he has been promoting within the Seventh Fleet. Part of the reason we have our fan club is to keep the Star Trek dream alive. That through infinite diversity through infinite combinations life is worth while. This is why we are a “big-tent” organization instead of focusing on just one thing. You having fun with your corner of Star Trek fandom is something we want to help out with.

Do you like to create Cosplay? We want to see your costumes. The article talked about fanzines and books created by fans. As you can see from the photo above, we have many members interested in putting together art and publications. Putting together a Star Trek fan film? We’ve had experience doing that. Has Star Trek inspired an interest in science? It has with us as well. Prop building? From the hand held to the very large, we have had some experience putting these together. We have members who express their creativity through Star Trek filk songs just like the ones mentioned in the article. We love attending conventions and running booths that allow us to perform community service which requires a lot of creativity and planning. There are a lot of things we can create as fans to keep the Star Trek dream alive. Influences from the fandom of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s made their way into official publications and episodes (including episodes of Star Trek: Discovery).

There is also an added benefit from expressing our creativity for others to see. These become archives for the next generation of fandom who get a glance of what life was like for Star Trek fans at the date of publication. If you get a chance to look at your chapter’s past newsletters, you can see back into time. Admiral Stark has been trying to preserve older club newsletters and publications in PDF format so that they are easily available for all to see.

To give our members the opportunity for creativity, chapters can publish a newsletter or post articles on the ship’s blog. If your chapter doesn’t have a newsletter or a website yet, talk with your commanding officer. They are always looking for volunteers and there are those in the fleet that are willing to give advice on sites and publications. The Seventh Fleet will also be collecting the best articles of the year and publishing them in a Seventh Fleet Annual fanzine. This gives you the opportunity to display your creativity for future fandom. Currently an Issue Zero (concept publication) is currently being created and will be released soon.

What would you like to make today? Who would you like to inspire tomorrow? Let’s create.

Articles from members of the fleet- Khitomer Class

Here within the Seventh Fleet, we are all about supporting the members. Especially when it comes to the wonderful creativity displayed by fleet members. In the past we had members send us photos of their various cosplay. We are also willing to post articles from various members of the Seventh Fleet. We would encourage you to submit the articles to your chapter newsletter first.

Admiral Dennis Hollinger has always been a fan of various starships seen in Star Trek. This includes all of the fan made and licensed Star Trek products. Recently Admiral Hollinger put together an article detailing the Khitomer Class Alliance Battlecruiser from Star Trek Online.

If you have an article that you have written and would like to be presented, submit it to your commanding officer. They will then send it to the Admiralty for consideration.