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Fandom Creativity and You

Image of fleet creativity examples
A small example of the creativity produced by members of the Seventh Fleet.

At the official StarTrek.com website there is a very good article by Cindy Massre titled “Before Home Video, Science-Fiction Fans Worked Harder to Keep Fandom Alive” Before you read this blog post any further, take a moment to read that article. We will wait for you.

Back? Great. Admiral Stark was very impressed with this article as it aligns with some of the goals he has been promoting within the Seventh Fleet. Part of the reason we have our fan club is to keep the Star Trek dream alive. That through infinite diversity through infinite combinations life is worth while. This is why we are a “big-tent” organization instead of focusing on just one thing. You having fun with your corner of Star Trek fandom is something we want to help out with.

Do you like to create Cosplay? We want to see your costumes. The article talked about fanzines and books created by fans. As you can see from the photo above, we have many members interested in putting together art and publications. Putting together a Star Trek fan film? We’ve had experience doing that. Has Star Trek inspired an interest in science? It has with us as well. Prop building? From the hand held to the very large, we have had some experience putting these together. We have members who express their creativity through Star Trek filk songs just like the ones mentioned in the article. We love attending conventions and running booths that allow us to perform community service which requires a lot of creativity and planning. There are a lot of things we can create as fans to keep the Star Trek dream alive. Influences from the fandom of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s made their way into official publications and episodes (including episodes of Star Trek: Discovery).

There is also an added benefit from expressing our creativity for others to see. These become archives for the next generation of fandom who get a glance of what life was like for Star Trek fans at the date of publication. If you get a chance to look at your chapter’s past newsletters, you can see back into time. Admiral Stark has been trying to preserve older club newsletters and publications in PDF format so that they are easily available for all to see.

To give our members the opportunity for creativity, chapters can publish a newsletter or post articles on the ship’s blog. If your chapter doesn’t have a newsletter or a website yet, talk with your commanding officer. They are always looking for volunteers and there are those in the fleet that are willing to give advice on sites and publications. The Seventh Fleet will also be collecting the best articles of the year and publishing them in a Seventh Fleet Annual fanzine. This gives you the opportunity to display your creativity for future fandom. Currently an Issue Zero (concept publication) is currently being created and will be released soon.

What would you like to make today? Who would you like to inspire tomorrow? Let’s create.

Star Trek: Lower Decks is here

The new animated Star Trek series, “Lower Decks” dropped today on CBS All Access. This comedy series focuses on the adventures of four ensigns serving on the California-Class Starship, the USS Cerritos.

The first episode, titled “Second Contact”, has the crew of the Cerritos making a follow up contact with a new Federation member, the Galardonians. There we meet our four ensigns. Brad Boimler, Beckett Mariner, D’Vana Tandi and Sam Rutherford. There they…..

….. wait (in Professor River Song’s voice) “Spoilers.” Don’t worry, this post is spoiler free.

As Star Trek fans, we want to talk about our favorite show. Especially when a new episode drops. However not everyone has had a chance to watch it yet. That is both the beauty and the curse of having the episodes available on streaming. Due to schedules, some fans may not have a chance to watch the new episode for a day or two. In the past when new episodes of Star Trek Discovery or Star Trek Picard were released, we tried to limit our discussions on the Seventh Fleet Facebook page. However Facebook doesn’t give us the tools to only let a few people talk on a certain subject. If someone posts a spoiler, there is a possibility that someone may see that spoiler before they get a chance to watch the episode.

We’ve been researching other tools to alleviate this issue and we think we have found one. We have set up a Seventh Fleet Discord server that members can use to have conversations on a variety of subjects (cosplay, collecting, fan fiction and even the latest episodes). These channels can be muted by someone who hasn’t had a chance to see the latest episode or read the latest Star Trek novel. Thus they will not get any notifications about new messages. Once they have seen/read the latest adventures, they can un-mute the channel and join in on the conversation. Thus the tradition of “did you see that…” or “did you notice the easter egg…” can continue.

Note: This is not the same Discord server that we just recently held our Seventh Fleet Week on. That was set up specifically for that special event. If you would like to access the Seventh Fleet Discord, follow the link on the Seventh Fleet Facebook page or email Info@SeventhFleet.org and we can send you an invite.

Let’s talk Trek. But let’s do it in a way that allows those who wish to avoid spoilers can do so. Tally Ho.

Introducing: Seventh Fleet week

Greetings, members, family, and friends of the Seventh Fleet!

As you know, normally at this time of year we would be holding our annual Fleet Games. Sadly, due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to safely gather together for the games and the food and the friendship.

(Don’t worry, though! We are preparing to be able to hold the actual Games in person next year!)

For this year, the Ticonderoga is proud to present

-=/\=- Seventh Fleet Week -=/\=-

Allow me to invite you to join us for some fun this week!

Featuring Star Trek and Seventh Fleet trivia

Cosplay displays

Art displays

Games and roleplay

Discussions and chats

And much more!

Pictured above are just a couple of the items we have available.

Some will be up for bid in a silent auction.

Some will be given as prizes.

Still others will be available to pick up in the swap meet.

How do you join in the fun, you ask?


Join us in the Seventh Fleet Week Discord server:


There’s one little thing to remember:

When you join, you need to go to the Code of Conduct channel, read the code of conduct, and, most importantly, click the green box at the bottom

Things will be happening all week, from July 24 – 31.

On Saturday, August 1st, there will be an informal picnic, for you to pick up your goodies. 

Anyone who wishes to bring a lunch can join us at the picnic, or you can swing by just long enough to get your stuff.

I hope you’ll pop in and say hi! And maybe join in the fun as we get together in a virtual world.

Trek of the Month: March 2020

With spring soon to be here, the next round of sporting events will come about. Baseball and soccer season are starting within the United States. Outdoor sporting events will be starting up. The sporting world is prevalent within the Star Trek universe. Here are some episodes that feature sporting elements within the plot.

TOS: Charlie X (Gymnastics in space)
TAS: The Ambergris Element (Kirk and Spock learn how to swim)
TMS: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (Kirk performs some rock climbing)
TNG: Suddenly Human (Picard plays racquetball)
DS9: Take Me Out To The Holosuite (Sisko coaches a baseball team)
Voy: The Fight (Chakotay must complete a boxing match)
Ent: Vox Sola (Archer watches a water polo match with Tucker)
DSC: Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum (Saru runs)
Other Trek: Trekkies 2 (the second documentary)
Fan Film: .Starship Farragut – For Want of a Nail (link goes directly to the video)
Non-Trek: Window of Opportunity (Stargate SG-1, season 4 episode 6: O’Neill and Teal’c play golf through the Stargate)

If you have suggestions for future themes, feel free to suggest them to Webmaster@SeventhFleet.org

Activity/Meeting Alert: Multiple Chapters

Otters (the spirit guide of the USS Ticonderoga) are an exhibit at the Seaquest Aquarium located in the Layton Hills Mall. On February 22nd the m embers of the USS Ticonderoga will meet at the Layton Hills Mall food court for lunch at 1:00pm. At 2:00pm they crew will gather at the aquarium for fun. Contact: Info@USSTiconderoga.org

The USS Kelly will conduct security training with a visit Laser Quest for some laser tag fun at 2:00pm. Laser Quest is located at 7202 South 900 East, Midvale, UT. The cost is $8.50 per person/per game. Contact: USSKelly@SeventhFleet.org

Members of the USS Pulsar will be visiting the Prompey Exhibit at the Leonardo Museum in Salt Lake City. This will start at 4:00pm. Cost is $25/person. Contact: USSPulsar@SeventhFleet.org

The USS White Buffalo will be holding it’s monthly meeting at the Game Haven (address: 762 N Main St, Tooele, UT) on February 22nd. This will start at 6:00pm. The club will be discussing the future fun events that they want to plan. Contact: CO@USSWhiteBuffalo.org

Schedules subject to change.

Trek of the Month: February 2020

Star Trek fans are avid collectors. There are a large number of Star Trek collectables available for us to show our fandom. So for this month we’ve decided to showcase episodes and movies that deal with collectables of some kind or another.

TOS: Spock’s Brain (I wonder what this would go for on Ebay?)
TAS: How Sharper Than A Serpent’s Tooth (Kukulakan has a collection of animals)
TMS: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (What will Dr. McCoy add to Kirk’s collection of antiques?)
TNG: The Most Toys (A collector tries to add Data to his collection)
DS9: In The Cards (Jake Sisko seeks a rare 1951 Willie Mays baseball card)
Voy: Hunters (The crew of the Voyager encounter a race that collects trophies)
Ent: Dead Stop (What does the repair station want from the crew of the Enterprise?)
DSC: The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not For The Lamb’s Cry (Burnham finds a killer in Lorca’s collection)
Other Trek: Star Trek Under Glass (A documentary about Star Trek collecting produced by our own Admiral Hunsaker) Link goes to video.
Fan Film: The Archive – A Star Trek fan production (Can the last collection from an ancient race be saved?) Link goes to video.
Non-Trek: Soul Hunter (Babylon 5, season 1 episode 2: A mysterious alien is collecting souls)

If you have suggestions for future themes, feel free to suggest them to Webmaster@SeventhFleet.org