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From Lower Decks to Discovery

The first season of Star Trek: Lower Decks has just wrapped up and what a ride it was. Currently there is a call for reactions to the first season from Seventh Fleet members for a future blog post. Crewmembers contact your Commanding Officers for details and the quickly approaching deadlines.

Now that Lower Decks has completed, next Thursday (October 15th) will be the third season premier of Star Trek: Discovery. The first episode is titled “That Hope Is You”. If you haven’t seen the trailer for the third season, you can watch it here. You can also watch the first two minutes of the first episode here.

Lower Decks only had three of the after-shows hosted by Wil Wheaton (or as Jonathan Frakes calls him , ‘WW’). If you haven’t watched those, check them out. They contained a ton of information that I found very helpful. Wheaton announced that that there would be an episode of The Ready Room after each Discovery episode.

Star Trek: Lower Decks is here

The new animated Star Trek series, “Lower Decks” dropped today on CBS All Access. This comedy series focuses on the adventures of four ensigns serving on the California-Class Starship, the USS Cerritos.

The first episode, titled “Second Contact”, has the crew of the Cerritos making a follow up contact with a new Federation member, the Galardonians. There we meet our four ensigns. Brad Boimler, Beckett Mariner, D’Vana Tandi and Sam Rutherford. There they…..

….. wait (in Professor River Song’s voice) “Spoilers.” Don’t worry, this post is spoiler free.

As Star Trek fans, we want to talk about our favorite show. Especially when a new episode drops. However not everyone has had a chance to watch it yet. That is both the beauty and the curse of having the episodes available on streaming. Due to schedules, some fans may not have a chance to watch the new episode for a day or two. In the past when new episodes of Star Trek Discovery or Star Trek Picard were released, we tried to limit our discussions on the Seventh Fleet Facebook page. However Facebook doesn’t give us the tools to only let a few people talk on a certain subject. If someone posts a spoiler, there is a possibility that someone may see that spoiler before they get a chance to watch the episode.

We’ve been researching other tools to alleviate this issue and we think we have found one. We have set up a Seventh Fleet Discord server that members can use to have conversations on a variety of subjects (cosplay, collecting, fan fiction and even the latest episodes). These channels can be muted by someone who hasn’t had a chance to see the latest episode or read the latest Star Trek novel. Thus they will not get any notifications about new messages. Once they have seen/read the latest adventures, they can un-mute the channel and join in on the conversation. Thus the tradition of “did you see that…” or “did you notice the easter egg…” can continue.

Note: This is not the same Discord server that we just recently held our Seventh Fleet Week on. That was set up specifically for that special event. If you would like to access the Seventh Fleet Discord, follow the link on the Seventh Fleet Facebook page or email Info@SeventhFleet.org and we can send you an invite.

Let’s talk Trek. But let’s do it in a way that allows those who wish to avoid spoilers can do so. Tally Ho.

Star Trek Premier: Star Trek: Picard (2020)

“The past is written. But we are left to write the future.” Picard- Star Trek: Picard

The next Star Trek series, Star Trek: Picard, will premier on this date on CBS All Access on January 23, 2020. As the title suggests, this is the return of the iconic Jean Luc-Picard to the Star Trek Universe. This series has been eagerly awaited ever since the surprise announcement at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention.

The cast for this new series includes:
Patrick Stewart as retired Starfleet Admiral Jean-Luc Picard
Isa Briones as Dahj, the young woman seeking help from Picard
Alison Pill as Dr. Anges Jurati
Santiago Caberera as Cristobal “Chris” Rios, former Starfleet officer and now pilot of the La Sirena
Michelle Hurd as Raffi Musiker a former Starfleet intelligence officer
Harry Treadaway as Narek a Romulan agent
Evan Evagora as Elnor a Romulan refugee

We will also see special appearances by:
Brent Spiner as Data
Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine
Jonathan Del Arco as Hugh
Jonathan Frakes as William Riker
Marina Sirtis as Deanna Troi

Check to see if your local chapter is hosting watch parties.

Star Trek Anniversary: Star Trek: Voyager (1995)

“We’re alone in an uncharted part of the galaxy. We’ve already made some friends here and some enemies. We have no idea of the dangers we’re going to face, but one thing is clear: Both crews are going to have to work together if we’re going to survive.” Janeway- Caretaker, Stardate: 48315.6

Star Trek: Voyager premiered on January 16, 1995 as the first Star Trek series for the new network UPN (United Paramount Network). The pilot episode was titled “Caretaker”.

The Starship Voyager found itself stranded on the far side of the universe with a crew of Starfleet (Captain Kathrine Janeway, Lt. Tuvok, Lt. Tom Paris, Ensign Harry Kim and the holographic Doctor) and Maqui survivors (Chakotay and B’Elanna). They were also joined by Delta Quadrant natives Neelix and Kes. Later the crew would rescue Seven of Nine from the Borg. The series lasted seven seasons and released 168 episodes.

Star Trek Anniversary: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993)

“We are explorers. We explore our lives day by day and we explore the galaxy trying to expand the boundaries of our knowledge.” Sisko- Emissary, Stardate: 46379.1

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was the second first-run syndicated series featuring the Star Trek universe and the first to not be featured on a starship. It premiered on January 3, 1993 with the pilot episode “Emissary”.

The first mixed crew of Starfleet and aliens included Commander Benjamin Sisko, Major Kira Nerys of the Bajoran Militia, Odo the shape-shifting constable, Dr. Julian Bashir, Lt. Jadzia Dax, Chief Miles O’Brien (who had transferred over from the Enterprise-D), Sisko’s son Jake and the Ferengi bartender Quark. Later Worf from The Next Generation joined the cast as well as Lt. (j.g.) Ezri Dax. The station was seen as a “frontier town” in space. The series ran for seven seasons and had 173 episodes.

Star Trek Anniversary: Star Trek Nemesis (2002)

“The crew has responded with the dedication I’ve come to expect from them. And like a thousand other commanders on a thousand other battlefields, I wait for the dawn.” Picard- Star Trek Nemesis, Stardate: 56844.9

On December 13, 2002 the last movie featuring The Next Generation cast premiered. Star Trek Nemesis pitted the crew of the Enterprise-E vs. Shinzon and his force of Remans after they had taken over Romulus.

Fans finally got to see the wedding of Will Riker and Deanna Troi. Captain Picard had a chance to drive at unsafe velocities and Data sacrificed himself for the crew. Or did he?

Star Trek Anniversary: Star Trek: Insurrection (1998)

“The Son’a wish to negotiate a cease-fire. It may have something to do with the fact that we only have three minutes of air left.” Worf- Star Trek: Insurrection, Stardate: Unknown

Star Trek: Insurrection (the third of four movies featuring the cast of The Next Generation) premiered on December 11, 1998. It was also directed by Jonathan Frakes (who also directed Star Trek: First Contact).

The crew of the Enterprise-E found themselves at odds with the Federation that was participating in the forced re-location of a species off of their home planet. There was also a scene where Picard and Worf used a song from a Gilbert and Sullivan play to subdue Lt. Commander Data who had gone rogue.

Star Trek Anniversary: Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)

“The Human Adventure Is Just Beginning…” Closing line of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Stardate: 7412.6

2019 marks the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Motion Picture which premiered on this date. 1979 was the release date for this first Star Trek movie.

Originally slated to be a pilot episode for a new television series called Star Trek: Phase II, it was switched to a movie after the success of Star Wars. Which brought things back into full circle as George Lucas use to pause his script writing duties to watch original Star Trek episodes.

Star Trek Anniversary: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991)

“People can be very frightened of change.” Kirk- Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Stardate: 9521.6

The last Star Trek movie with the entire original cast, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country premiered on this date in 1991. The story line was inspired by the fall of the Soviet Union.

One of the most iconic scenes in the movie is the actors autographs ending the movie for their final bow.

Star Trek Anniversary: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)

“May fortune favor the foolish.” Kirk- Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Stardate: 8390

After the retraining of Spock, the crew of the recently destroyed Enterprise make plans to return to Earth to face trial after disobeying orders. On their way back, they intercept a distress call from the Federation President. The planet Earth is being disrupted by an unknown probe.

Spock is able to determine that the probe is seeking humpback whales that once swam in Earth’s oceans. The only way that Kirk and company can find more whales is by traveling through the past. Using a slingshot around the Sun, the intrepid crew finds themselves in 1986. Will they find some whales in time to prevent the destruction of Earth?