Trek of the Month: December 2019

While it may be the end of the year, we’ve decided to make the theme for the Trek of the Month the firsts. With the first movie, Star Trek: The Motion Picture celebrating it’s 40th Anniversary this month, we wanted to honor it. So here are some firsts episodes created for Star Trek.

TOS: The Cage (The first episode produced for Star Trek)
TAS: Beyond the Farthest Star (The first animated series episode)
TMS: Star Trek: The Motion Picture (This first movie is celebrating its 40 year anniversary)
TNG: Encounter at Farpoint (The pilot episode for The Next Generation)
DS9: Emissary (This episode introduced us to Deep Space Nine)
Voy: Caretaker (The Voyager gets stranded in this first episode of the series)
Ent: Broken Bow (Welcome Archer and company to the series)
DSC: The Vulcan Hello (Pilot episode for Star Trek Discovery)
Other Trek: Trekkies (The first of two documentaries released in theaters about Star Trek fans)
Fan Film: Come What May (The first fan film in the Star Trek Phase II/New Voyages series. Link goes to the film.)
Non-Trek: Forbidden Planet (one of the first intelligent Science Fiction films)

If you have suggestions for future themes, feel free to suggest them to

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