We are having a picnic

So we have an opportunity to finally get together as a group. The USS Rendezvous (who was scheduled to host the Admiral’s Banquet in January) volunteered to put together a Seventh Fleet Picnic. Basically we want to safely get together and see the members of our Star Trek family.

This will be held on Saturday, April 24th at noon. The location will be the Richmond City Park (address is 100 S. Highway 91, very near the city building that we’ve held past Admiral’s Banquets). Attendance is voluntary. The south pavilion is large enough that we can sit with social distance. Please wear a mask as well.

This will bring your own lunch event. There are several local grocery stores and restaurants. The following list was provided by Captain Knowlton.

Local Food Establishments:
Big J Burgers (Pizza, Mexican, Burgers, Fish)
Various sandwich shops
Lee’s grocery store
Lots of fast food, sandwich shops, restaurants and grocery stores

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