Retired Chapters


Admiral Dennis Hollinger reported that a chapter is tied with the commanding officer.  He or she built the chapter with a large amount of time and effort.  The chapter’s reputation is directly connected with that commanding officer.  As real life comes around, a commanding officer can step down or unfortunately pass away.  When this happens, the chapter is retired in honor of that commanding officer.  After the retirement, a new chapter (which may be strongly tied to the previous chapter to continue the sense of family) may be launched.

Listed here are the past chapters of the Seventh Fleet that have been retired.

USS ASIMOV, NCC-723472001 – 2005Retired due to the passing of Captain David Powell.
USS KELLY, NCC-734001986 – 2010Replaced by the USS Kelly-A.
USS KELLY, NCC-73400-A2010 – 2014Replaced by the USS Kelly-B.
USS RETRIBUTOR, NCC-742141997 – 2013Retired due to the passing of Captain Rex Rouviere.
USS TICONDEROGA, NCC-736761996 – 2015Replaced by the USS Ticonderoga-A.
USS URSA MAJOR, NCC-749272004 – 2015Retired due to the passing of Captain Ruth Burns. Ursa Major-A launch is possible.
USS ESSEX, NX-7101-A2012 – 2022Retired due to the passing of Captain Roger Taylor.



NOTE: There are a couple of Runabouts (chapters-in-training) that completed their review and graduated to full chapter status. There are also some that did not complete their review assignment. These are usually returned to the sponsoring mother-ship and referenced in the general notes for each chapter.