Medals & Commendations


The use of rank advancements is one of the many ways to reward crewmembers for participating in various ship functions and activities. Another way is when members earn Commendations and Awards for going above and beyond the call of duty. Listed here are the various honors that members of the Seventh Fleet can earn. The personnel authorized to award the medal is listed, however anyone can turn in a proposal for recognition.

   In the past the Seventh Fleet had been using old military ribbons that had been altered to represent the various commendations that crewmembers could earn. The original reason behind this decision was due to the cost factor of producing our own military style cloth ribbons. This practice was discontinued in 2003 because of crewmember concern of using real military decorations (even if they were altered), difficulty in securing a constant supply of older ribbons and a new low cost provider for pins that we could use of our own design.

   The term ‘Ribbon’ will now be replaced with ‘Medal’ to reflect the new changes. The new medals will be produced in turn by each chapter starting with the most common medals. Admiral Hollinger received quite a few design ideas from various members of the Seventh Fleet. Final decisions were made by Admiralty Board. 

  Chapter medals are awarded at chapter meetings held throughout the year.  Fleet level medals are only awarded at the Admiral’s Banquet held every January.

   With this new medal resource now available to the Fleet, Admiral Hollinger has allowed individual chapters to set up recognition pins. While not technically official medals, these pins can be awarded for a measure of recognition. They are usually designed and awarded by the Chapter Commanding Officer. As these pins are developed, they will be posted here.