Memorial Sector




CLASS: Constitution Class Starship (alternate timeline)

PATROL AREA: The Undiscovered Country

CHAPTER STATUS: Special Assignment


DATE FOUNDED: Stardate: 64012.9 (January 29, 2011)

CHAPTER MOTTO: “What’s the fun in exploring if you know how it all turns out?” –Commander Charles “Trip” Tucker

CHAPTER SPIRIT GUIDE: Waggs Burns (Captain Ruth Burns  Poodle Mix)

CHAPTER COLORS: Black and Silver

ASSIGNED SHUTTLES: None currently assigned

NOTES: For his many years of service with the USS Kelly and the Seventh Fleet, Lt. Commander George Bogler was posthumously promoted to the rank of Captain after his untimely death in 2010.  To honor his spirit he was assigned command of the USS Porthos (George was a big fan of Porthos from Star Trek Enterprise) and the names of our past fallen comrades would be added as the ships crew.   The USS Porthos is on an engineering mission since George liked the engineers on Star Trek.  The motto and logo have engineering influences on them.

So far this is the list of crewmembers who we wanted to honor by placing them on the roster:

Captain George Bogler — Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Ray X Graham — Executive Officer

Lt. Commander Tristan Vilhauer — Chief of Operations

Lieutenant Christy M Thorsen — Chief of Tactical

Ensign Sandi Craig — Chief of Security

Ensign Joseph Reiley — Chief of Medical

Crewman David Hansen — Ship’s Crew

Crewman Travis Henline — Ship’s Crew

Crewman Amilya Charlene Sorensen — Ship’s Crew

Civilian Ken Rand — Ship’s Historian

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