Academy Resources

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The Seventh Fleet Academy is currently going through some updates and changes. The latest updates will be posted here. Until then, here are some resource guides for Crewmembers and Officers to help them with rank advancements and to expand their knowledge in the real world.

Reference books created by Seventh Fleet Members:

Character Guides– Created by Commodore Richard Henline

Command Exam Study Guides:

Study Guides– These are guides to help crewmemers get ready for their Commanding Officer’s Exam.

Recommended Star Trek Reference books:

The Star Trek Encyclopedia Volume I and II by Michael Okuda and Denise Okuda

Harper Design (2016) ISBN 978-0-06-237133-1 (Volume I) and 978-0-06-237134-8 (Volume II)

Star Trek Concordance (3rd Edition) by Bjo Trimble

Citadel Press (1995) ISBN 0-8065-1610

The Star Trek Compendium (4th Edition) by Allan Asherman

Pocket Books (1993) ISBN 0-671-79612-7

Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion (3rd Edition) by Larry Nemecek

Pocket Books (2003) ISBN 0-7434-5798-6

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion by Terry J. ERdmann with Paula M. Block

Pocket Books (2000) ISBN 0-671-50106-2

Star Trek: Voyager Companion by Paul Ruditis

Pocket Books (2003) ISBN 0-7434-1751-8

Star Fleet Technical Manual by Franz Joseph

Ballantine Books (1975) ISBN 0-345-49586-1

Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual by Rick Sternbach and Michael Okuda

Pocket Books (1991) ISBN 0-671-70427-3

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual by Herman Zimmerman, Rick Sternbach and Doug Drexler

Pocket Books (1998) ISBN 0-671-01563-X

Star Trek Chronology (Second Edition) by Michael Okuda and Denise OKuda

Pocket Books (1996) ISBN 0-671-53610-9

Star Trek Star Charts by Geoffrey Mandel

Pocket Books (2002) ISBN 0-7434-3770-5

Star Trek Stellar Cartography by Larry Nemececk

47 North (2013) ISBN 978-1477805978

Recommended Star Trek Reference websites:

Memory Alpha – A Star Trek wiki for cannon sources

Memory Beta – A Star Trek wiki for licensed sources

Curt Danhauser’s Guide to Animated Star Trek – A very good guide to the animated series