Seventh Fleet RPG

Welcome to the Seventh Fleet-Star Trek Role Playing Game page.  In an effort to continue the adventures of Star Trek, the Seventh Fleet has adopted the Decipher Star Trek RPG system.  This is the standard paper and dice game that we use to get together and enjoy each other’s company.

This section will be expanded with additional information to help Crewmembers create different RPG characters and Game Masters create new adventures.  Most chapters are holding their own RPG night (check the calendar for next available date or see the basic list below)

If there are major questions about the game, contact


USS Atlantis- First Friday of the month

USS Essex- Most Wednesdays

USS Kelly- Currently on hiatus

USS Rendezvous- Third Friday of the month

USS Ticonderoga- Currently on hiatus

USS Ursa Major- Second Friday of the month


Seventh Fleet RPG Manual 2.0 (Adobe): A basic guide to the Seventh Fleet-Star Trek RPG with some house rules to go with the Decipher RPG system.

Land’s End-Crew Briefing 1.0 (Adobe): Background information for the patrol area of the Seventh Fleet in the RPG.

Star Trek Character Creation Guide (Adobe): A worksheet that can be used to help prepare your Seventh Fleet RPG character.

Star Trek Character Sheet (Adobe): A character sheet for the role playing game that you can print out and use.

Star Trek Races for the Decipher RPG (Excel): A quick guide to the various races and their stats in the Star Trek RPG by Decipher. (coming soon)


It is recommended that you pick up the official RPG books by Decipher.  At the minimum players should have the Players Guide and the Starfleet Operations Manual.  They are as follows.

-Star Trek Roleplaying Game: Players Guide (Book 1) published in 2002. ISBN 1582369003

-Star Trek Roleplaying Game: Narrators Guide (Book 2) published in 2002 ISBN 1582369011

-Star Trek Roleplaying Game: Starfleet Operations Manual (Book 3) published in 2003 ISBN 1582369046

-Star Trek Roleplaying Game: Starships (Book 4) published in 2003 ISBN 1582369062

-Star Trek Roleplaying Game: Aliens (Book 5) published in 2003 ISBN 1582369070

-Star Trek Roleplaying Game: Creatures (Book 6) published in 2003 ISBN 1582369089

-Star Trek Roleplaying Game: Narrator’s Screen (supplement) published in 2002 ISBN 158236902X

-Star Trek Roleplaying Game: Worlds (Book 7) published online only in 2005 ISBN 1582369097

-Star Trek Roleplaying Game: Mirror Universe (Book 8 ) published online only in 2005 ISBN 1582369089


Links to related RPG sites coming soon.