December Trek of the Month Recap

So what did you think of the episodes/movies for the December Trek of the Month? Here they are as just a reminder.

TOS: The Cage (The first episode produced for Star Trek)
TAS: Beyond the Farthest Star (The first animated series episode)
TMS: Star Trek: The Motion Picture (This first movie is celebrating its 40 year anniversary)
TNG: Encounter at Farpoint (The pilot episode for The Next Generation)
DS9: Emissary (This episode introduced us to Deep Space Nine)
Voy: Caretaker (The Voyager gets stranded in this first episode of the series)
Ent: Broken Bow (Welcome Archer and company to the series)
DSC: The Vulcan Hello (Pilot episode for Star Trek Discovery)
Other Trek: Trekkies (The first of two documentaries released in theaters about Star Trek fans)
Fan Film: Come What May (The first fan film in the Star Trek Phase II/New Voyages series. Link goes to the film.)
Non-Trek: Forbidden Planet (one of the first intelligent Science Fiction films)

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