Trek of the Month: January 2020

Ok we couldn’t help ourselves when it came to the theme for the January Trek of the Month. We have reached the year 2020 and we now have 2020 vision. (yea we know, we need to start ducking the thrown items due to that bad pun). So the theme for the month is visions.

TOS: Is There in Truth No Beauty? (Can Spock regain his vision with the help of a blind woman)
TAS: The Lorelei Signal (Can the male crewmembers of the Enterprise see past the illusion?)
TMS: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (Sybok is using visions to take over the Enterprise)
TNG: Rightful Heir (Worf has a vision of Kahless)
DS9: Image in the Sand (The Prophets give The Sisko a vision, can he decipher it?)
Voy: Barge of the Dead (B’Elanna has visions of her mother in the Klingon afterlife)
Ent: Doctor’s Orders (Can Dr. Phlox handle being alone on the Enterprise?)
DSC: Through the Valley of Shadows (Captain Pike has a vision of the future)
Other Trek: What We Left Behind (This DS9 documentary features a hypothetical 8th season)
Fan Film: The White Iris (Star Trek Continues: Captain Kirk has visions of the women in his past. The link goes to the episode)
Non-Trek: Future Echoes (Red Dwarf Season 1 Episode 2: As the crew of the Red Dwarf breaks light speed, they start encountering visions of their own future)

If you have suggestions for future themes, feel free to suggest them to

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