National voter registration day

September 22nd is National Voter Registration Day. A civic holiday that celebrates our democracy. In the Seventh Fleet we are always trying to make our future a better place by improving ourselves and serving our friends, neighbors and community. One of the primary ways that we can accomplish this goal is by encouraging qualified citizens to vote. As an organization, we will never tell you how to vote. But we encourage you to research the candidates and issues and cast your vote as you see fit.

In order to be able to vote, you must register in your state so that they can send you a ballot. National Voter Registration Day encourages citizens to check their registration status before the deadlines in their local area (usually the first part of October). The National Voter Registration Day link above can guide you to various local sources that you can use to check your status or register if you are not set up.

If you live in Utah, you can go to the Vote.Utah.Gov website, click on “Find My Voter Registration Info” and then enter in your information. It will pull up what is registered (if present). You will also find options to submit a registration.

For our Star Trek family members who live in Idaho, you can go to and click on “Check Your Voter Record” to find out if you are registered. There is also an option for a new or update registration record.

Members don’t forget to list that you participated in voting on your Duty Reports. Some chapters award Promotional Merit Points for participating int he voting process.

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