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Admiral’s Log Entry: Your leaders

“If you want to judge leadership, why not start at the beginning?”  Picard- Peak Performance, Stardate: 42923.4

Admiral’s Log, Stardate: 73021.9: I will stop by various chapter meetings (sometimes unannounced) just to see how members of our Star Trek family is doing. It always amazes me in how each chapter does things just different from the other chapters. The way they conduct the meeting, the way they present news from the fleet, the way they recognize their members for their achievements. They all have their own way of doing things based upon the needs of the members. I especially like it when the various leaders help each other out when one is seeking advice and information. Truly it is an example of how “We do not stand alone”.

At the last meeting I attended, it got me thinking. How much do we appreciate the leaders within our groups. This club is a club for fun. Some of the leaders have volunteered to take time out of their fun to enhance the fun of others and make them better. There are a lot of behind the curtain tasks that the various leaders have to complete to keep their clubs running and growing.

So my question for you the member is: have you stopped to think about how much the different leaders do for you in this fan club? From the Department Chiefs to the Executive Officer all the way up to the Commanding Officer. The many different meetings, assembling agendas, gathering orders, rank advancements and awards. Ask one of your leaders how much time they put into the local chapter and you will get a variety of answers. Something they do all for the benefit of the members to help them enjoy Star Trek.

So what can you as a member do to show your appreciation for all of the hard work put into the club? The simplest thing to do is to tell your leaders “Thank You”. I’m sure that just a simple acknowledgement of their efforts will help show them that their efforts are appreciated. Another thing that you can do as a member is offer to help with something. When many people contribute to the club, they get a sense of pride in building something that everyone can have fun with. You don’t have to volunteer to be a department head (however I’m certain that would be greatly appreciated) but just helping with little things can go a long way in making the club run smoother. Volunteer to contact someone, be willing to welcome a new recruit into the club or help put together a club flyer is just a small number of opportunities that a member can take to assist. Plus it will help everyone (including the leaders) to have some Star Trek fun.

Let’s see what’s out there and let’s help each other get there.

Tally Ho