2021 Admiral’s Banquet

The last Saturday of January is the annual date of the Seventh Fleet Admiral’s Banquet. Traditionally we all gather together at a location set up by a host and we have a meal together in uniform or nice dress.

As you’ve probably guessed, this year will be a little bit different. None of the banquet facilities we normally use were available for large public gatherings. The Seventh Fleet Council discussed this at our 4th Quarter 2020 Council Meeting and it was decided that we would have an online event on January 30th at 2:00pm. This will be held over a commercial Zoom meeting. This way it can be accessed by computer, smartphone or tablet. There will be some brief speeches before we start our main event. We will be watching a movie together (and we will have access to a chat room while the movie is going on). Everyone will be making a favorite dish to enjoy while watching the movie. This can be a full meal or just a bucket of popcorn.

If you would like to make sure you get the meeting invite to the onlne meeting, please contact your Commanding Officer an let them know which email you wish to have the invite sent to.

We still want to get together and see each other in person as it is a part of our friendships. So we are planning a Spring Picnic on Saturday, April 24th. Details will be announced as they become available. There is also the Fleet Day games planned for Saturday, August 7th which will be held in Davis County, Utah.

We miss you all and glad that you are all doing your part to stay safe.

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