Star Trek: Lower Decks Season One

Star Trek: Lower Decks Season One Steelray Collectors Edition

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The first season of Star Trek: Lower Decks will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on Tuesday, May 18th. This unique comedy Star Trek series was a big hit when it first aired on CBS All Access (now Paramount+) This series was a big hit with Star Trek fans not only because of the humor, but of the many different easter eggs hidden throughout the series. Often after an episode had been released social media would buzz with “Did you spot this or notice that?” One of the more unique easter eggs was the infamous Star Trek Helmet that was made in the 1970’s by the toy company Remco.

This series followed four Ensigns that were assigned to the California-Class USS Cerritos. These Ensigns try to fulfill their duties without going insane from the hustle and bustle in the lower decks are Beckett Mariner (who holds a secret), Brad Boimler (who wishes to rise to the rank of Captain), D’Vana Tendi (an Orion who is starstruck about being onboard) and Sam Rutherford (who has a cybernetic implant and loves engineering). There are also several cameo appearances by characters seen in other series.

There were ten episodes in the first season which include:

Second Contact (Stardate: 57436.2)- The crew of the Cerritos follows up with a new planet that just made contact with the Federation.

Envoys (Stardate: Unknown) Boimler and Mariner must escort a Klingon general to Tulganan IV.

Temporal Edict (Stardate: 57501.4) The USS Cerritos is ordered to Gerlak V to deliver some “diplomatic trinkets”.

Moist Vessel (Stardate: 57538.9) Can Mariner survive being promoted to the rank of Lieutenant (j.g.)?

Cupid’s Errant Arrow (Stardate: 57601.3) Ensign Boimler’s girlfriend arrives on the Cerritos. Is she what she claims to be?

Terminal Provocations (Stardate: 57663.9) The Cerritos crew faces off against the Drookmani scavengers. Ensign Rutherford introduces his holo-creation “Badgey”.

Much Ado About Boimler (Stardate: 57752.6) Ensign Boimler is pushed out of phase by a transporter accident. Can Starfleet Medical cure his condition?

Veritas (Stardate: Unknown) The four ensigns must testify before a tribunal to save their senior officers on K’Tuevon Prime.

Crisis Point (Stardate: Unknown) Ensign Mariner reprograms Boimler’s holoprogram into a movie, with some twists.

No Small Parts (Stardate: Unknown) Mariner’s secret is revealed as the crew of the Cerritos fights off an invading enemy.

The Star Trek: Lower Decks season one Blu-ray set also includes several special features including deleted scenes, trailers and more.

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