Discount code for online orders of the Seventh Fleet Annual

The Seventh Fleet Annual is a “Best Hits” of past newsletters and blog posts from the various Seventh Fleet chapters. All chapters are represented in this book which is now available for online ordering. If you go to the website of it will take you to the PrintMe1 website where you can order you own individual copy of the Seventh Fleet Annual.

Good until September 30th, the printer has given us a discount code you can use to knock down the price of the book. The code is 22school and can be applied when you get to the billing portion of the order. Also, standard shipping is free and will be sent directly to the address you select.

The site automatically defaults to Black and White with a color cover and a plastic coil binding. However if you wish to make it all color or if you wish to change the binding, you can do so on the site. However it will adjust the price.

Let us know if you order a copy. Also if you are interested in being on a committee for the next issue, please let your Commanding Officer know.

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