How To Join The Seventh Fleet

Members of the Seventh Fleet in uniform.
Members of the Seventh Fleet in uniform.

We get a lot of visitors to our website that are interested in knowing more about Starfleet Command’s Seventh Fleet. Usually the question comes up: “How do I join your Star Trek family?” This blog post will go into details of how to join and why we follow this path for membership.

The first thing to keep in mind is that membership in the Fleet or one of it’s chapters is free. It already costs too much to be a Star Trek fan (as most of us already know). In our 23 years of operations we have never charged dues. Some of our chapters are 25-35 years old and they have also been dues free the entire time that they have been in existence. The reason behind this is that we want members who show up to the events because they are fun and interesting instead of attending because they want to “get their money’s worth” out of the club. If a chapter attends an event that has an admission fee, then the individual members pay their own way into the event. For example, if the group is going to a local corn maze for a fun activity, you would be buying your own ticket into the maze.

Another commonly asked question is: “Do I have to own a uniform/cosplay to join?” The answer is no. While we have a lot of members who enjoy the Star Trek cosplay aspect of our fandom, it is not a requirement. If you wish to create Star Trek cosplay, there are plenty of members who would love to give tips and advice on how they put together their cosplay. We also embrace creativity. If you have cosplay that isn’t 100% screen accurate, you are still welcomed to participate.

So to officially join the Seventh Fleet, you must complete four steps.

  1. Attend two meetings/activities of the chapter you wish to join. A list of the chapters can be found on the Chapters section of the Fleet website. If you visit their website or contact the Commanding Officer or Executive Officer, they can let you know of upcoming meetings and activities. You can also email and request information on a nearby chapter. Why are two meetings or activities required for membership? In the past we had interested Star Trek fans attend their first event to check out a chapter. Some discover that it’s not their cup of Earl Grey tea. Those that return for a second meeting are showing that they are interested in perusing a free membership.
  2. Fill out an application. The chapter you wish to join will provide you with a paper or electronic application that you can fill out and submit. It will provide information on how to reach you to keep you informed of upcoming meetings and events. It will also ask which department you wish to join so that you can be assigned a Department Chief. There is also a section on the application that notes who recruited you to the club. If a friend referred you, please put their name down.
  3. Meet the Chapter Commanding Officer and Executive Officer. These are the chapter’s president and vice-president. We feel that it is always good for members to know the CO and XO of the club they are joining just in case they have any questions or concerns. This also gives them an opportunity to welcome you to the Star Trek family.
  4. Receive your Orders. If the CO/XO have accepted your application for membership, they will then submit that application to the Fleet for assignment and generating a service number. If the application is accepted by the Fleet then an official set of orders welcoming you to the club will be generated and sent to your Commanding Officer. This person will then present them at a club meeting officially welcoming you to the chapter and assigning you your starting rank in Starfleet.

While these steps may seem intimidating, they are usually quite easy to accomplish. There are plenty of members who are more than happy to assist you along the way. And don’t forget that you can also email if you have any questions.

Live Long and Prosper and Always Remember to Have Fun. Welcome Aboard.

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