Fleet Day 2021

Members of the Seventh Fleet at the 2019 Fleet Day.

Saturday, August 7th is the first Fleet Day that we will be having in person since 2019. We won’t talk about 2020, we just won’t since that year didn’t exist.

This event is open for anyone interested in the Fleet to attend. Feel free to bring friends. The events officially start at 10:00am but you can arrive as early as 9:00am.

The USS Ticonderoga is hosting the games of Fleet Day at Jesse D Barlow Park in Clearfield, Utah. The address is 2100 South 500 West. It will be held at the large bowery at the park. Folding chairs, water and sunscreen are recommended. There is a kids playground next to the bowery.

If you’ve attended a past Fleet Day, several of the popular games from the past will be making an appearance. This includes Pirate’s Dice, Shields, Design a Starship and the infamous Admiral’s Challenge.

New for this year will be a kickball tournament. The teams are Vulcan, Andorian, Borg and Klingon. You can sign up for the team that you would like to represent and all team members will be wearing a team hat created by the Ticonderoga crew. Sign ups are first come, first served.

The meal will be a Hot Dog bar. There will be regular, beef and turkey dogs. There will also be standard toppings (ketchup, mustard, relish, etc.) and chili and cheese. There will also be various side dishes and drinks.

This is one of the two main events for the Seventh Fleet. We hope to see everyone there.

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