Interviewed for Star Trek Day

Wednesday, September 8, 2021 will be the 55th Anniversary of the premier episode of Star Trek. For many fans, September 8th is now celebrated as Star Trek Day. Paramount presents several online panels and events. Fans get together and watch Star Trek episodes and local libraries have been putting up Star Trek Day displays.

Community radio station, KRCL 90.9FM has interviewed our Commander-in-Chief, Vice Admiral Carl Stark, for a special that will air on Star Trek Day. This interview is scheduled to be aired around the 6:30pm time frame. The livestream can be accessed here. We invite you to tune in and check out the interview.

Many thanks to the Thermians of Utah for setting up this interview and to KRCL 90.9 FM for the opportunity.

What are you planning to do for Star Trek Day? Let us know.

UPDATE: A recording of the interview can now be found online at the RadioACTive Show notes for September 8, 2021. The interview starts at the 27:40 mark.

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